The Top 3 Blogging WordPress Plug-Ins that Make You Money

The journey to make a full-time living online with just a website, keyboard, and your thoughts can be a daunting challenge, so why make it more difficult on yourself by not having special “money making plug-ins” that generate income for you?

We are handing you the “keys” to The Top 3 Blogging WordPress Plug-Ins That Make You Money.

We are handing you the "keys" to The Top 3 Blogging WordPress Plug-Ins That Make You Money.

There’s an old saying that I love, and goes “Time Is Money”.

And if you aren’t making money with your blog you’re wasting your time.


I put together a special list of mines I call the “Top 3 Blogging WordPress Plug-Ins

That Make You Money”. It’s far from being the “end all, be all” list, but it’s definitely a step for you in the right direction to help take action and use a few of these plug-ins yourself to start generating more profit from your blog.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into the first of Top 3 WordPress plug-ins to make you Money:


Money Plug-In #1: Easy Clickbank WordPress Plug-In

I listed this plug-in as “Numero Uno”, because it’s one of those plug-ins that require very little effort to set-up and can generate unlimited $20 – $100+ sales from just ONE solid blog post.

Clickbank is an affiliate website acting as the middleman between you and the product creator.

When you generate sales for the product, you get a generous commission off the top for your marketing efforts.

This plug-in creates random links for your readers to click on and purchase through your blog posts related to the topic of your blog post with the option of cloaking and tracking clicks.

We are handing you the "keys" to The Top 3 Blogging WordPress Plug-Ins That Make You Money.


Money Plug-In #2: Kontera WordPress Plug-In

One of the most popular WordPress plug-ins, Kontera In-Text ads are basically hyper linked keywords and phrases, that are identified in a story as most relevant leading to product sales within a blog post.

This powerful system works automatically when you add it to your plug-in starting roster lineup.


Money Plug-In #3: Amazon.Com WordPress Plug-In

Finally, there’s the infamous (and most popular of the three) WordPress plug-in.

Amazon is an online multimedia bookstore that sells information, mostly in physical form delivered to customers’ homes. This gives you a golden opportunity to promote using their affiliate system through your blog.

It requires you to have an Amazon Associate account to sell Amazon products under your affiliate code.


There you have it.

A solid list of my top 3 — and BEST — WordPress money plug-ins I strongly suggest you start using immediately to get ahead of the blogging world and generate more dollars in less than a few minutes of implementing 2 or 3 of these plug-ins.

It’s funny.

Not long ago you had to program these plug-ins yourself to use them, and many of them were not available to the general public.

Somewhere even being sold for a premium before they ever became free, but now there yours for the taking.

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Lucky you.


Now, you have NO reason to not make money with blogging, because I opened up a treasure chest of money making potential.

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