Top 10 Apps for Bloggers

Top 10 Apps for Bloggers

I haven’t always had all these apps on my phone, there was a time when I left the house and my blog at home with it. But now my girls are in sports and I’m on the go more, with plenty of idle time spent just sitting and waiting. These apps help me get blogging related tasks done while on the go.

Top 10 Apps for Bloggers


For one, I love browsing Pinterest in my “down” time, I get a lot of ideas on what I want to write next and what people are looking for. Maybe Christmas isn’t even here yet, but people are already pinning for News Years, etc. I also can schedule pins within Pinterest as I use Board Booster.


Twitter is great for a quick message to your readers. “I just posted a new recipe, URL. Head over to check out my cookies!” kind of thing. Sitting in the after school pick-up line, you can give some retweets or favorite some great content in minutes.

Page Manager (Facebook)

I like this one the most for scheduling out questions I want to ask my readers. Its quick and easy as Facebook isn’t letting us use the actual Facebook app for managing our pages anymore.


I love Instagram. You can only create an account from a smartphone, you can only (to my knowledge) upload images from a smartphone as well. So it goes without saying this one needs to be on your phone.


I use Evernote for just about everything: blogging and personal life. I have a notebook for each of the blogs I write for with my info, and a list of things I want to write. My daily, weekly, monthly, blogging tasks. You can work offline, anywhere, and sync to your laptop, tablet, etc when back online.

Google Drive

Share documents with others bloggers for collaboration. Create spreadsheets to keep track of expenses, content and editorial calendars, etc.


Waiting for an important email, like notification of a payment coming though? Get the notification when it comes. There are times for things are time sensitive, but you just can’t be home sitting in front of your computer waiting.

Google Analytics

Access all of your Google Analytics web and app reporting profiles from your phone. A great app for making sure you are getting the most from your posts on the go.


I am new to this one. I love being able to read an article or blog post while I’m offline. Great for sitting in the pick-up line at the school or, in my case, during gymnastic classes.

Bitly (or another link shortener)

Sending a tweet on Twitter from your phone, shorten the link first, save on characters, and save you time.
Bonus: Your blog platform, WordPress or Blogger, etc.


Have your WordPress or Blogger. Get your blog post written, SEO done, and schedule it all on the go.

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