5 Tips For Writing A Sponsored Post

5 Tips For Writing A Sponsored Post

Here are a few tips for writing a sponsored post:

When you are asked to do a sponsored post, companies are trusting you to do a great job.  They are expecting you to do what they would have a company do.  They no longer need to pay for ads on the TV when they have a blogger that is able to reach so many people.  Your readers are trusting what you have to say, so try to make this post something that will continue to help your readers.  Is it really what you are telling them?

Sign up for companies, such as Social Spark , and you will be asked to write sponsored posts, where they will pay you to share their information.

1- Keep it un-commercial. Try not to make it seem too much like you are selling a product to them. Consumers do not trust advertisements, they do trust recommendations from friends. As your readers have hopefully come to know and trust you, they will trust your sponsored post if you write it in a way that makes them not feel like they are reading an advertisement.

2- Keep it “like your other posts”. If I am sharing a recipe, I try to make it as normal as possible.  Yes, these ingredients are great & you should try this product that I am including in this recipe. Again, you don’t want to sell something. You want the product, or the company to do that. You are required to explain the sponsor to your readers, but keep them reading!

3- Don’t take too long to publish it. There are usually set guidelines on publishing posts, be sure to stick within them. If there are not guidelines, set your own and stick to it.

4- Try to do your very best work. You want to be memorable, the first blogger that companies think of when looking for paid posts. Make sure you have earned it! Do some reasearch, write in-depth, provide descriptions, logos and photos. Make it pretty!

5- Add great pictures that are pin-worthy. We have written before about How to Use Pinterest To Grow Your Blog. Pinterest is one of the major referrers to many blogs, including TOTS: Business and TOTS: Family. Capitalize on this. Also- you may have to go back in to set a featured image.  I always do this.

There are a lot of ways to write great sponsored posts, but these are a few to get you started.  I try to remember the rule of only writing one sponsored post for every 6-10 regular posts from you.

Do you write sponsored posts as a blogger? Anything I missed?

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