The Week The Business Owner Went

Have you ever seen the tv show ‘The Week The Women Went? Well last week was the week the business owner went.

You may have noticed there was only one new post on TOTS (if you missed it check it out here – Thanks Jennifer) and if you are a Facebook follower of my business you may have noticed there were no new posts there either.

The Week The Business Owner Went

The Week The Business Owner Went

I was gone. No I didn’t got to Hawaii or leave y’all to go on some exotic trip but I was away from the computer. Where did I go?

Quick answer – no where.

I was ‘here’. In my apartment where I do all of my business.  Except I was sick – really sick. I had the worst flu (I hope every single one of you escapes it). For days I did nothing but sleep. I even sent my daughter to daycare because I was in no condition to look after her.

Being that sick and getting absolutely nothing done for an entire week was an interesting experience. I am used to working on and off all day every day – responding to emails, posting Facebook statuses, developing blog posts etc.

It was my first time since starting the business and TOTS where I was too sick to work.

Should I have notified on Facebook channels I was sick so people/customers knew why I wasn’t responding/posting. Or is that TMI.

Do you have any ’emergency’ plans in case you are sick? Should I have been better prepared? Please comment below.


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