The Importance of Grammar in Business

The importance of grammar in businessI read a lot.  Before my girl was born, I used to read a lot!!

I’m also a geeky English freak.  You know, one of those people who enjoy talking about the proper use of punctuation and appropriate adjectives and using big words like Verbosity.  Loquacious.  Idiosyncrasy.

(I did not come by using big words easily.  When I was young, I learned about the word ‘sympathetic’.  A couple days later, my baby brother fell down.  I picked him up and soothed him, then said, “Go see Mommy, honey, she’s pathetic.”  My dad, who was nearby, burst out laughing.  When he was able, he explained the difference between the two words.)

So when I read things online, whether professional business sites, Facebook status updates, or news articles, whenever I see obvious grammatical errors (including spelling errors and the misuse of words), my inner English Teacher cringes.

Let me share some ‘nuggets’ I’ve recently stumbled across:
     1)  “The question that has caused debate for ions.”
          (should be: “…caused debate for eons.”)
     2)  “While there is defiantly no cause for alarm,…”
          (should be: …definitely no cause…)
     3)  “…costing about $157 each. from a sample…”
          (should be:  …about $157 each, from a sample…)
     4) “I should of replied sooner.”
          (should be: I should have…)

Sharing your idea(s) and information clearly is crucial to a successful business!  This includes proper spelling and grammar.

I have a couple guidelines that I use when writing/proofreading/editing, and I find them to be pretty helpful.

1 – Google is your friend.  First of all, it has a built-in spellchecker! Wohoo!  Second, you can find almost anything you need to know!  (eg.  Need to know the difference between enquire and inquire?  Type in ‘enquire vs inquire’ and voila!)
2 – Use ‘normal’ words.  As fun and interesting as big words are to use, there can be cause for confusion when you use big words in the not-quite-right context.
3 – Punctuation is also your friend.  Don’t be afraid of commas!
4 – It is better to be understood than to impress (with cool words/phrases).
Mark Twain
Have you come across any ‘nuggets’ that make you cringe, wince, sigh, or laugh?


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