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The Fairy Hobmother: An Excellent Example of Guerrilla Marketing

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Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business The-Fairy-Hobmother-An-Excellent-Example-Of-Guerilla-Marketing The Fairy Hobmother: An Excellent Example of Guerrilla Marketing All Posts Blogging  marketing blogging   The blogging world is a vast space full of niche interests and millions of readers/writers.

There are blogs about families, bands, business, social media, and coping with illness, just to name a few.

Some blogs are funny while others are factual.

You could describe blogs in a thousand different ways.  One word I would not use would be whimsical.

Except now.

There is one special fairy who floats around the blog universe spreading cheer.

Descending from the tips of a land full of shiny metals and magic machines The Fairy Hobmother spreads joy across the lands.

If you want to keep the magic behind the Fairy Hobmother a secret please stop reading now.

A peek behind the curtain.

The Fairy Hobmother is an excellent example of guerilla marketing.  The genius behind the Fairy Hobmother is Matthew Mitchell of Appliances Online in the UK.  In exchange for a short post about The Fairy Hobmother, Matthew gives you a present.  Looking at past blog posts, it seems compensation comes in the form of a small appliance from the store but more recently as a gift card to

There are many reasons why I think the Fairy Hobmother is a great marketing ploy.

  • First off I find the idea of the Fairy Hobmother hilarious.  Who wouldn’t chuckle at the idea of a fairy who floats around the blogging kingdom and is ruled by fairy overloads over at an appliance store.  This sort of whimsy is needed more often.  Because I find the idea so funny, it is also memorable.
  • The disguise of a Fairy Hobmother allows for extensive reach.  Although he seems to focus primarily on ‘mommy bloggers’ there is no limit to the geographical area.  Appliances Online is a UK based company but our readership is primarily from the USA and Canada.  A great example of how something so simple can reach the masses.
  • The Fairy Hobmother taps into the wonderful world of blogging.  Bloggers need to promote themselves and their blog constantly to gain readers.  Matthew taps into the exposure already garnered by the blogs.  To double up on the potential exposure, The Fairy Hobmother chooses the next recipient by reading blog comments left by other bloggers.  If you would like to be chosen next please leave a comment below.
  • One of the indicators of a guerilla marketing campaign is low-cost advertising and buzz (word-of-mouth) marketing.  The Fairy Hobmother has these in spades.  For a minimal cost Appliances Online receives link-backs to their site and people talking about him (see my points above).

If you would like a visit from the Fairy Hobmother please leave a comment below.

What is your favourite example of guerilla marketing?

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