The Balancing Act – Struggles

Hello! My Name is Bobbi-Lynn. I am a mom, and a wife. With a full-time job outside of the home AND a hobby business that has the potential to grow into something more than that.  My 2-year-old daughter, and a 23-year-old bonus daughter (more commonly recognized as a step-child, but to me she is a bonus to have in my life.)

I work for the local school board as a Child & Youth Worker (CYW) and when I come home, have the regular “duties” of a mom and wife. When our child is in bed, and my husband is at work ( he works permanent afternoons) I sit behind my sewing machine and create. So on a daily basis I play the balancing act – struggles.


The Balancing Act - Struggles

The Balancing Act – Struggles

The “hobby” job is relaxing and am always proud of the finished product.  My hobby business was begun out of sheer necessity.  I was a breastfeeding mom who had a little girl who liked to pull on my jewelry and pinch the fleshy part under my arm. Not to mention, hair pulling and playing with everything you don’t want a child to play with while they are nursing.

Love Sewing

Most of my life I have been a sewer and I enjoy doing  it. Had some fabric reserves already on hand from previous tasks that I had worked on which I worked with first.  When I did go out shopping for fabrics and other notions, I was floored by how expensive it can be. (Fabric is NOT cheap! Especially when it comes to the  really cute stuff!)  So, I would say that was the biggest hurdle for me when I was just starting out. We had no money to go and buy lots and lots of fabric, but enough to buy a little here and there. I know “they” say that you have to spend it to make it, but sometimes it’s just not there. One way I found around that was to ask friends and family for donations. You just never know who has stuff lying around that they are no longer going to use.

More Time at Home with my Family?

I always thought having my business would give me MORE time at home with my family, in truth, it doesn’t. That being said, if I didn’t have a full-time job outside of the home it would allow me more time with my family. Unfortunately, my finances dictate that I have to work outside the home as well.

So, whether you have a hobby business or a blooming home business, at the start it takes away from your time with your family. Once you get going and figure out a schedule, you do in fact have regain MORE time with your family.

Find the Magic Balance

The balance can get a little tricky sometimes. For example, there is not always time to work on your business OR sometimes there just isn’t the energy.(A toddler is a full-time job all on its own!) With a full-time job outside of the home and being a full-time mom, it sometimes falls to side and patiently waits to be picked up again. It always gets picked up again, sometimes it just takes a couple of days.

My name is Bobbi-Lynn and I am a MOM!


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