What is Sverve and How Do I Start Using it?

What is Sverve and How Do I Start Using it?

Sverve is an online service that connects businesses with female bloggers (or social media influencers) for mutually beneficial opportunities. Some of those opportunities are sponsored posts, Pinterest sweepstakes and affiliate accounts.

sverve dashboard

Before you can start benefiting from these opportunities you must first register for an account. When you visit Sverve’s homepage you can choose to sign up as either a Brand or an Influencer.

When you sign up as an Influencer you will want to verify your blog by adding a Sverve badge to your sidebar and connect all of your social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+) for maximum benefit.

Once you have completed all of your profile information you can visit your dashboard to see what opportunities are available.

The Messages tab is where you will communicate with the businesses you are working with. The Campaign tab is where you will find the sponsored post and affiliate account opportunities that are available. The Notifications tab is where you will find information about a new follower or endorsement you have. The green change purse image is where your earned payments (which you can cash out once you hit $5.00) are kept track of. And, the About tab is where you can find all kinds of detailed information about Sverve.

The orange circular token with a number in the center is your personal score on Sverve. In this case, the higher your score, the better. Your score will continue to improve as your social media stats do. Also, as you gain more endorsements on Sverve you will see your score improve as well.

The text field on the top left of the screen is a place to share your “tips” which is basically where you can link a blog post that you think others might find beneficial.

There are many tips and tricks for using Sverve as a way to make money while blogging and I will be sharing them as I continue to learn more.

Do you use Sverve? What is your favorite feature of this site?

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