Starting Your Work with Intention

In yoga, it is customary to start each practice by silently stating an intention. Today, I want to breathe more deeply. Not only will the intention apply to the practice, but it should carry on throughout the day and week ahead so that the powerful lessons learned by adhering to that intention can permeate your life.

I recently started calling myself a writer. In August I began my own business, effectively a writing business, but I called myself everything but a writer in the beginning. I offered “marketing” and “consulting” services. I “edited” and “managed.” I wrote but did not set this as an intention, likely out of fear.

It came to me suddenly, recently, that what I am doing for clients is writing. And that makes me, a writer. It is a funny thing, how framing my work around this new parameter has changed something that is in effect exactly the same.

I now believe that the effort of saying aloud, “I am blank” suddenly makes it entirely possible to be that very thing. In the way that I am transformed by simply calling myself “a writer.” “I am successful.” You should begin each workday by setting an intention for yourself, but more so you should frame your work by making these positive affirmations. Do you want to succeed? Say it aloud! Ready to make the next step in your career? Break down the tasks required to get there, and set one intention each day that gets you closer and closer. Intentions can be a powerful motivator!

An intention might sound like: “I will seek one new client today.” or “I will guide my work today by committing myself to the little details.” Try to incorporate intention-setting into your work, each day.

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