Start a Business 101 – Direct Sales Company Part 2

Have you thought of starting a Direct Sales business? May sure you read part one.

Start A Business Direct Sales Comapny Part 2

11. Create a mailing list and newsletter. At every event ask everyone if they would like to be added to your weekly or monthly email newsletter. I set mine up at Aweber. Use this newsletter to give great tips and information to your customers as well as announce sales and new products. I wish I had done this much sooner in my business. It really is a huge help.

12. CONNECT. If you company has CATALOGS you could start by making a packet with your catalog and a sample and a letter introducing yourself and your business. You can give these away to everyone you meet. You could even canvass an area in your neighborhood and leave them on doors.

13. Open a SAVINGS account. At the end of each month put in 25% of your profits for taxes. Then at the end of the year when you do taxes and owe you have money set aside to pay it. Anything left over after taxes are paid gets moved to your personal saving account.

14. Get a calendar planner NOTEBOOK for tracking sales, expenses, and other important information. Write down all mileage you drive to do anything in business. If you are going to the mall for something, find a place to distribute some catalogs so you can write off the miles on your taxes. Mileage is a huge tax write off. Do not miss this.

15. Create a database of your CUSTOMERS. This may be provided by your parent company within the website back end. Or you could use excel or another software. Or you can have a 4×6 index card file. Add their names and contact info. Then add a note each time you contact them or they order. I keep notes to know when to contact them again.

16. Create a free MERCHANT CIRCLE listing. [Editors Note: You can also add yourself to our free business directory].

17. Create a free listing at GOOGLE Business Center.  You can view mine at by typing into “My Precious Kid Hillsboro OR”

18. Have an “EVENT” for your products. It could be a home party, or a networking event with others in different kinds of business or…..

19. Purchase BOOTH space at many of the holiday fairs, home shows or other local fairs/shows.

20. Create a “COUPON” or flyer that you can print and distribute. Swap them with others in a different business. Put them up at local market bulletin boards. Offer them to groups or organizations where there are people in your niche market?

So this list should keep you busy for a while. When you have completed these things then move on to my other articles at  The key is to make a PLAN and to work some on your business EVERY weekday. Consistent, persistent, intentional work on your business will bring you the success you are looking for.

PS If your business is not with a direct sales company many of the above list, still applies to you. The one exception is you need to get a your “BUSINESS NAME” registered with your state, and buy the .com website space for that name, and create a website.

RECOMMENDED: Are you looking for a work from home company you can trust. I will not endorse a company that I have not used and participated in. I am happy to recommend the Send out Card Company! In fact. I joined them. If you would like to see what they are about go to and watch a video and then send out a card on me. Let let me know if I can answer your questions. In fact this business is a perfect addition to another business. Use it to contact your customers/clients.


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