Start a Business 101 – Direct Sales Company Part 1

Start A Business Direct Sales Comapny Part 1I have decided to start a home based business. I picked a direct t sales company (also called MLM – multi level marketing)  to join. Now what?
Here are some suggestions that I have taught to others. They key is to start your momentum right from the beginning. That means budgeting some time each day for your business. If you work another job then that might mean 1-2 hours in the evening and then 3-4 hours on the weekend. If you do not work another job then you could commit 3-4 hours each week day. Set up a schedule and make a plan.

1. Select a “PHRASE” that you will be known for. This is in lieu of a registered business name since you are doing a direct sales company. It can include your name and the kind of products you will sell. See if your direct sales company allows you to use their name in it. (Such as: AvonByKim Or CookingWithSherry Or AmandasMakeup) Then use this key phrase on for all your business. I chose Build It Right Business since my market is other small business owners.

2. Open a CHECKING account for all business income and expenses. Get a debit card for this account. Make sure ALL income gets deposited here. And ALL expenses are paid from this account. Keep receipts for all expenses. You want a paper trail.

3. Apply for a small limit CREDIT CARD for use only for business. I suggest getting a reward cards so you earn points or miles when you use it. I do not recommend paying online with a debit card. A credit card is more secure if there is an issue. You can use it to buy your products and then pay it off each month. This gives your points/miles plus a paper trail. Find one with no yearly fee. Check Capitalone

4. Set up the WEBSITE if your company provides one. In today’s world a webpage is a key factor. Most direct sales companies provide one for a fee. Make a label for your catalogs with this address and your contact info. You can also get a domain name for $10 a year and redirect it to your company site. I purchased to redirect.

5. Set up an EMAIL address just for your business dealings. If you cannot get one from the parent company or that matches your website then I recommend gmail. I suggest something like this format [email protected] or [email protected]

6. Set up a BLOG. I would name it the same phrase you used above for consistency. Write a post once a week about some aspect of your business. It could be a special, new products, or a new way to use the products. Link to your website from the blog.

7. Open a TWITTER account  with the same phrase for your name. Post something every day about your business. Follow others with like interest. The key is to get followers. Enter conversations with people, not just posting ads.  I have been on twitter a year and do get new customers there. Link to your website from your twitter account settings.

8. Create a FACEBOOK fan page with the same phrase.

9. Order BUSINESS CARDS.  Add your contact name, phone, business email, and website address to these cards. I sell business cards through my direct sales business.

10. Create a potential CUSTOMER LIST. List everyone you can think of that might be interested in what you are selling. I then recommend contacting them each to see if they would like to be on your customer contact list? If so then put them in your file with their contact information. This first list will be your priority right off. Make a few of these contacts each day. An email is fine, but follow-up with a phone call. Ask if they would like to: have a catalog, hold a show, join the business, or be a customer?

Make sure you check out part two on Monday.


Articles written by Kay Green, Child Safety Expert, and Christian mom to Melissa 30 (married to Matthew), Jordan 27 (married to Katie), Allison 25,
Haley 12. Kay and Russell, her husband of 33 years live in rural Oregon.

Kay’s first granddaughter Madison Kay was born December 2006. Twin grandsons Micah & Mason were born May 2009. Granddaughter Emma Kate was born in September 2010. Child Safety, Cloth Diaper & Baby Gear Store Author and Family Site Helping others build businesses
Kay has also joined Send Out Cards – A Greeting Card Business


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