Saving time tip #1

Today I was introduced to a wonderful time-saving option for us busy business moms! Saving time tip #1

Although I live in a big city, with lots of shopping nearby, there is nothing I hate more than dragging 1,2,3 or even 4 boys with me to the store!

I have heard of before, but I have never visited the site. Today I did. I still can’t believe the variety of products that I could buy. All with free shipping to my door!

Most of the prices were on par with Walmart or even lower. There were a couple of things I did notice were a little more (Intuition Razors for instance).

So what did I buy?

Some baby food, flushable wipes, a teether, shampoo and a couple of things for Christmas presents for my boys!

With four boys 7 and under, I encourage independence. This ‘Soapster’ automatically foams soap and dispenses it easily for little hands. This is one cool product that I am excited to see if it can help me!

They also have many products for the home office! We could all use some organization, right? 

Household products, food, bath and body care, cloth diapers, everything is on there. And shipped right to my house! No wrangling children to run out and get shampoo and toilet paper!


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