Quick Tip: How To Use the Twitter App for iPhone

How To Use the Twitter App for iPhone




Twitter rocks, we all know that. It’s hugely popular for bloggers and business owners. One thing I am loving about twitter is their iPhone app!

Unlike FB, WP and many other apps, the Twitter app makes it easy to switch between multiple accounts. Do you tweet from a personal account and a business account? Or like me, flip between multiple business accounts: TOTS: Business, TOTS: Family, FlipSize and Bundle and Buzz?

It’s simple to do.

Step 1: Download the Twitter app.

Apps - Download twitter app

Step 2: Once logged in click: ‘me’.

Twitter app

Step 3: Find and click the icon that looks like two little heads.

That will allow you to select which account you want to be tweeting/following with.


Repeat under any account when you are ready to switch again.

Do you tweet? Share your twitter name in your comment below and we will follow!


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