Posting Professional Pictures On Your Blog

Posting Professional Pictures On Your Blog

How important is it to be posting professional pictures on your blog?

This is a question that I continually struggle with.

I am not a photographer. I have a fairly good camera, and have taken a course in photography in my public relations training. I know what constitutes a good picture.

I also know how much time and work it takes to set up a good picture. You need good lighting. You need an uncluttered background. You need the right props. You need to edit your pictures afterwards.

I know I need to do this, and sometimes I do. However, I don’t always do this, and I have a specific reason for not doing so.

One of the biggest “complaints” or comments I hear about my blog on Valley Family Fun is that I make parenting seem unattainable.

I write about fun things to do with my kids. I write about our crafts and cooking projects. I write about the educational trips we take and the cool adventures we take.

People have told me they feel they just can’t live up to it.

I always remind them that I only publish the happy stories and the pictures of the successes. Not the arguments. Not the complaints. Not the projects that failed. It’s a certain image I am projecting to showcase the project and not our crazy family life.

Until they remind me that the crazy family life is what people can identify with! That made me pause, and think about the perfect image I am projecting with my images.

Because I am not a food blogger, but like to post recipes that I have tried with my kids, I don’t post pictures of the food in perfect lighting.

Instead, I post pictures of my kids baking in my messy kitchen. I post pictures with my kids eating sweets with chocolate all over their faces!


This is normal. This is family. This is our crazy life.

Although I’m sure my blog would be more Pinterest friendly and would do much better if I took more time to properly set up pictures.

But, for now, I’m going to post about our crazy family life and capture it in the moment as it is!


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