Personal Branding With Metsy Corter

Today, I talked to the amazing Metsy Corter from We discussed personal branding and how you can stand out as an individual in your business.

Personal Branding With Metsy Corter - Ep. 007 Sandbox To Success Podcast

The Quick Low Down

  • Metsy is pretty awesome. Check out her stuff on
  • See how Mindy from integrates her personality into her brand.

Personal Branding With Metsy Corter

Full Show Notes

Hey, it’s Susan from Thinking Outside the Sandbox and How to Start A Mom Blog. Today, I have a super special guest; Metsy Corter.

If you haven’t heard of her yet go to and check her out. She’s a pretty cool gal which you can tell by her site.

Today we’ll be talking about how you too can put your personality into your site and social media.

Metsy: I do a battery of assessment tests for professional development. It looks at how you work, why you take action, and what soft skills you have developed well.

This acts as a powerful “owners manual” whether you are branding marketing yourself, hiring an employee, or working with a team to see how everyone is working together and gaps and skills!

Personal Branding Aspect: What Things Do People Learn About Themselves?

We often take for granted things we find easy, that others may find more difficult. This helps you take a look from an outside perspective.

I’m very action focused that once you have this document that helps you verbalize your strengths, those things are very power.

Getting to the core of we are is very powerful, no matter what your line of work.

How Did You Inject Yourself Into Your Website?

Metsy: It’s been a difficult journey and lots of website revision to get back to sharing my personal self, after spending many years in the corporate structure.

It takes risk. The more you do it, the more brave you become and people identify with you.

Letting me be me on my website though is the easiest way to work with people who “get” me

Where Should People Start If They Just Started or Want To Incorporate Themselves More Into Their Existing Business?

Metsy: For me, it was the photos. I started with my about page photo. It has a semi normal photo at the top, but a whole row below that are more me.

I had to learn that I teach people to express themselves, and I’m clearly a very expressive person so I choose not to do a business head shot. Put things out there that are me! This is me; I laugh a lot, wear crazy sunglasses, and make crazy faces!

When I put these photos out there, the words came much easier but it was already me!

Do what’s comfortable to you!

How much Personality Is Too Much Personality?

Metsy: First, you must identify your goals. If you’re trying to blaze a trail, be you and all you!

If you’ve ever read , she’s blazing a trail and creating a business that fits who she is and matches her.

I had a client we were positioning to get a promotion quickly on her team. That’s a different sell. We wanted to focus on how she could benefit the team best.

It all depends on your goal.

The report will tell you where you get your drive from. If you have a high driver to “control you own destiny,” you may feel a higher need to be yourself.

Things are getting more crazy in business because technology is allowing you to be uniquely you and find an audience, rather than needing to conform.

You can find your audience by being truly you… but it’s a scary step.

How interconnected should your Personal and Business Brand be?

Metsy: My business is Metsy Corter Consulting at It’s unique because consulting just isn’t sexy. I’ve been on a journey to still be me, without alienating business or potential clients.

For example, the first podcast I released was “Create Your Culture.” It’s got valuable stuff in it, but it’s just not be.

Now as I do website revisions and podcast I have to stop and figure out how I can be me. It’s scary, and it takes failure… but the faster you get on that journey the faster you can get to what’s you!

Katrina: That’s a great point for the listeners to understand. It’s okay to go back and re-evaluate.

You don’t have to give up because of a failure. It’s okay to take that pivot and turn it into something positive.

Metsy: Exactly. One of my primary drivers is that I want to connect with people and for people to like me. Now that I’ve taken this pivot, I’ve identified what’s really “me.” Me is partying. I like going out and helping people celebrate their success. That fits me and what I do much better.

As an online business owner, how do you choose what you wear when you go out in the real world?

Metsy: If you can interject who you are in your dressing (the earlier you do it, the easier it is) do it!

My first job in corporate America I was not allowed to wear pants. In my interview, they said “We want to hire you, but you can never wear the pink blazer again, because that’s too bright.”

Now, I’m getting back to me.

Sometimes it’s helpful to ask people, “When you saw me, what visual triggered when you saw that that was me?”

For me, I think it’s my very long blonde hair. So I’ll keep that! It’s important to ask what other people equate with you because they’ve already branded you!

I’ve been on a search to create a very polished business casual uniform that’s me.

I like to wear trousers, a black shirt, and crazy jewelry.

That’s just me!

There will be businesses that don’t like that and those that do and that will be a difficult journey.

I think a vision of who you are already fits into your brand, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Katrina: I’ve seen people take one physical aspect and run with it. Like Mindy from and her cat eye glasses.

Everything she does has those branded with it. Even with celebrities. They all have their unique traits. As regular people, we can do that to.

Metsy: Exactly! I know a lady that wears glasses with little charms dangling down.

One day she showed up for taping without them and they were like “Whoa, wait! We can’t tape without them.”

She didn’t even realize they had become a part of her brand. Once you identify what other people pick out about you, you can take control of that and make it a part of your brand!

Any Other Suggestions Or Advice For Those Trying To Figure Out Who They Are And How To Fit That Into Their Brand?

Metsy: An owners manual really helps with that.

Outside of an owners manual (which I’d be very happy to do for you), you need to be able to have people close by that you can trust and ask them what describes you.

It seems corny, but it’s helpful! You need people that will tell you the truth. Make sure you have friends that will help you weed through the “head trash” we build up in our lives and will help you see who you are.

It takes analyzing yourself and what makes you different from the people around you. What makes you (or your blog, or business) different?

I was actually a fashion blogger for a year, because other people equated me with fun jewelry.

I’m glad I did that because it helped me to learn more about me. I was a failure as a fashion blogger, but it helped me laser focus on what my true drivers were.

The more things you try and fail at, the more you can help yourself narrow down what’s going to make you happy in life.

It’s kind of like dating. I’m always really glad when the guy lets me know who he really is fast!

If he says something egregious on the first day, it makes it easier to cross that one off the line and move on quickly.

That’s just one thing that doesn’t work, and it helps you get closer to what does work.

Ready To Create Your Own Owner’s Manual?

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