10 Reasons Why You Need To Network In The Blogosphere

Networking is so important in our “online community.” It really is what can make you or break you. Here are 10 reasons that you need to network… now:

1). Meet bloggers that you will grow to love!

2) Share and share alike! You will share items for your friends and they will share for you.

3) When you can’t be there… they will. When I need a break, I can find someone to guest post for me and later I will do the same for them.

4) Tips. I learn so much from talking to my friends. I even learn about great new websites that offer tips or strategies.

5) Have share groups. You can turn a handful of friends into a share group, where you share for each other daily.

6) Have someone who understands what you are going through. Good day? Bad day? Mean comments? Someone else understands.

7) Have someone to “watch your back.” I love that I have friends that will message me (privately) when I have a misspelled word or have forgotten to add a link where I need one.

8) Share images. You can easily share images – each of you takes four pictures that can be manipulated in many ways and share them with one another.

9) Ask for second options before a post goes live.

10) Support. This is the biggest one. It is so amazing to have support between fellow bloggers. It is great to have people that will pat you on the back when you do well and feel for you when you don’t. It is great to do the same for them. Support is huge in the world of blogging and we all need to support each other… because we are all growing together!

Tell us your favourite network within the blogosphere:

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