Need a Media Kit? Try These 5 Easy Ideas!


Having a media kit for your blog is a handy way to keep your social media statistics and your portfolio all in one place. Potential clients will often ask for one. Designing a media kit is not difficult, and to prove it, here is a round-up of some free and easy tutorials; some include ready-made templates you can plug your data into. What could be easier than that? I’ve included screen shots from these sites to give you an idea of what the final result might look like.

Need a Media Kit? Try These 5 Easy Ideas!

#1 Here at Thinking Outside the Sandbox, Stephanie explains how to make a simple media kit using Google Drive. This approach is very attractive because you can update it whenever you want in Google and changes are immediately saved to the master file. Then you can share the link with clients instead of having to edit and email images.


#2 The Importance of Being Reese blog walks you through an easy Picmonkey how-to, plus there are a few free templates you can grab and customize.



#3 Variety by Vashti shows you how to use Microsoft Word for media kit creation. I like how much information she is able to pack in there, but without it looking busy or crowded. You can make this one as simple or as complex as you like.

#4 The RecipeTin Eats blog suggests Photoshop to create a good-looking media kit. She has a free download you can grab, and is also working on Powerpoint and Word versions.

#5 Here’s another cute and easy Picmonkey media kit tutorial, from Learn Like a Mom. I like her tip about saving a basic version of your media kit that has blank spaces where the media numbers go. That way, you can open the base image from time to time, insert updated numbers and save with a new name.


#6 Another easy option is to create a page on your own blog that you update regularly. That’s what I’m doing right now at Zephyr Hill. That way, I don’t have to email anything, or edit images, and can simply direct clients to that page. Or, they can just find it on their own.


Do you have any questions about media kits? If you have one already, which design method did you opt for?

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