Unusual Gift Idea Name A Star

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Unusual Gift Idea Name A Star? What is the best gift you have ever been given? No matter what it is, a star would definitely top that!

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If you are looking for a truly spectacular gift for your loved ones and if you are all out of ideas, giving them an actual star could be just the thing you are looking for.

Sounds complicated? It’s really not – let’s see how it works!


Why give a star?

Giving a star can be one of the most emotional gifts, so it is a great choice for someone that is close to your heart.

It is something that stays with the person receiving the gift for the rest of their life; any time they look up, there it is.

Giving a star is therefore the perfect gift for special occasions, such as engagements, weddings, births, baptisms, anniversaries, birthdays,

Christmases or other happy occasions.

But giving a star can also be a special gift in times of mourning.

Name a star after a loved one that has passed away; a beautiful act of remembrance.

Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business star-clusters-67616_640-300x210 Unusual Gift Idea Name A Star All Posts Blogging Motivation TOTS Business  Gift Ideas

How to give a star?

The procedure is really simple, so this special gift can be yours in no time.

If you want an unusual gift name a star, simply pick the star package that best suits your needs and wishes.

The packages are priced from 49 EUR to 199 EUR, and they can contain anything from a small starlet that is still visible with a naked eye to a supernova, which are the brightest stars in the sky.

When you decide to give a star, you get “Name a Star” – you can choose anything you want to.

Giving a star to a loved one, naming it with their name or nickname is a wonderful idea, and if you plan on giving the star to a couple, you can use both their names to create a lasting souvenir.


What do the star packages include?

The star packages all come with a certificate that proves that the star is really yours, and they also include directions that help you find your very own star in the sky.

You will get a map that you can use to navigate the sky and locate your star within the constellation.

You should be aware that your star may not always be visible; certain constellations are only visible at some times of the year, so you may have to wait a while to see your star in action.


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