Must Listen to Podcasts for Bloggers

I am really into listening to podcasts right now and have collected these Must Listen to Podcasts for Bloggers.

If you are a blogger you HAVE to pin this. These podcasts are amazing. Your blog will thank you for it. ------- Must Listen to Podcasts for Bloggers


These Podcasts are super inspiring and have really helped grow the TOTS Network over the past few months.

In case you are unfamiliar with podcasts a podcast is just like a talk radio show except you access it from iTunes or my preferred method Stitcher.

I have the Stitcher app on my iPhone and listen to all my ‘shows’ on the go.

There are tons of podcasts out there on a lot of different topic. Here is my list of podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Go-To Girl

I love Nat’s podcasts. She is just perky enough that she gets me excited about my blogs but not too perky that I cannot stand her – make sense?

Do not miss – 35: Attracting Media and Making Your Business Newsworthy


Coffee Break Blogging

David Risley just revamped his podcast and it is now amazing.

He has short podcasts which are perfect for busy mom lives.

He is also building on top of the previous podcast.

Don’t worry you will not be too late if you start listening now.

The podcasts are so short it is easy to catch up.

Do not miss – 35 (again I know): The First Step to Starting a Profitable Blog


How They Blog

The How They Blog podcast brings in guest interviewees each week that talk about one aspect of their blog where they have had success.

There are always some great takeaways with this podcast and I love how it has introduced me to some new bloggers.

Note: HTB has not been updated in a few months and I am not sure if it has been abandoned or just put on hold.

Do not miss – 36: Strategic Blogging – An Interview with Sarah MacKenzie


I Teach Blogging

I believe Renee has abandoned this podcast for a new project but it is still worth listening to.

She focuses mainly on SEO topics but presents the material in a completely relatable way.

Do not miss – 50: 100 Blogging Tips


SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketers

If you are a complete newbie to SEO you might want to start listening to Renee’s I Teach Blogging podcast before you dive into this one.

The two fellas that run this podcast are chalk full of personality (or is it persoooonnnnnallity — once you listen to the podcast you will get it).

Note: If you are hard of hearing this may not be the podcast for you.

I have some hearing loss and find it is quieter then others.

Also if they are on location somewhere do not even attempt to listen they is way to much going on to be able to hear them.

Do not miss – 259: Why No One is Linking Back to You


Social Media Marketing Podcast

Brought to you by Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner this podcast covers all things social media.

He has some big name guests on the podcast such as Mari Smith (my Facebook guru).

Do not miss – Fan Content: How to Leverage Your Fans to Enhance your Blog


Here we have it the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. There are a few more that I am trying out but until I know for sure I like them I will not add them to the list.

Any podcasts that you think are must haves that I missed? Let me know.

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