Must Have: Computer Battery Backup

A few weeks back I killed my computer – again. I go through about one computer a year.

Not only is it super expensive to keep replacing my desktop but it is also a huge pain in the butt. I have to install my software, try to recover lost documents and  baby photos.

I was talking about my, admittedly, not-so-great track record with computers at my local computer repair store last week. I always thought my problem was over-use. I am on the computer all the time blogging or working on my business.

Imagine my surprise when they suggested the problem was our power and not just over use.

The solution is battery back up.

From what was explained to me – using batter back up will help regulate our less-than-stellar hydro. It will also give me a few minutes to shut down the computer properly  in the event we lose power (which is fairly frequently).

Worth the $60.00 to try it.

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