What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother’s Day

I asked around and there are some presents that just about What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother’s Day .

Are you a mom blogger or do you know someone that is a mom blogger?

I asked around and there are some presents that just about What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother's Day. 


It takes a whole support team for Mom Bloggers to survive!

If a mom blogger doesn’t have loved ones who will hold the rope, who have her back,  then she’ll probably crash.


Because no one can do it all, and unless a blog is a hobby, it is A LOT of work!

I know I did not fully understand this until I started a blog!  I hear the woes of mommy bloggers all the time saying how people think what they are doing  is nothing.  I’ve heard comments such as,

  • My husband doesn’t even know I blog!  He thinks I’m playing games on the computer.
  • My in-laws hate that I blog. They think I’m wasting my time and  not taking care of their grandbabies.
  • I can’t put my posts on my personal facebook page!  None of my friends in real life know that I am blogging!

I have had my friends ask me, “Does it (blogging) take a lot of time?”

Well, yeah!  It does!  But if you are not a blogger, you don’t really understand!

No one really understand how much time it takes to write a post, edit it, put the links in, get a good picture, watermark it, share your posts, comment on other posts, do the blogging groups, work on the blog design, research . . . the list can go on and on . . . until they’ve done it!

The point of writing this is not to discourage bloggers, but for people who are connected to mom bloggers realize that they need support and understanding.

So mom bloggers, print this out and leave it laying in a conspicuous spot (with maybe what you want underlined and circled!)

Here are just a few suggestions of What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother’s Day

Here are just a few suggestions of What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother's Day

Really, we could just stop with the free gifts!  There are so many ways to give a gift to a mom blogger without spending a cent!

 The most common answer I got from mom bloggers when I asked them what they wanted for a Mother’s Day present when it was blogging related was TIME!!!

We love our kids and want to be with them, but it’s hard to think and write while doing homework and cooking dinner and talking to our kids.

And many of us are bloggers because we want to stay home with our kids and give them our attention.

So it is a wonderful gift when daddy or grandma take the kids for an afternoon, and we are able to write without any distractions.

Then we are not writing at midnight, one, or two in the morning.

Many mom bloggers said a great Mother’s Day gift would be to get even a whole weekend to herself!


A great gift is also just listening to mom blogger talk about her work, her posts, or her comments that day.

It is her job many times!

Everyone else talks about their jobs, and it is wonderful to be able to talk about blogging to someone as well and to feel like they care and don’t trivialize it.


Sometimes, a big deadline is looming over a mommy blogger’s head, and the house goes to pot.

Then it is great when daddy and kids step in and help with dishes or the vacuuming.

My husband is great at vacuuming!


And then, sometimes us mom bloggers don’t know when to stop.

We (or I do at least) get obsessed.

That’s when a great friend, parent, sibling, or spouse needs to say, “That’s enough!  Let’s go have fun!”

Go with her for a walk, take her out to eat, or watch a movie together!

And when she comes back, she’ll be refreshed and will work better!


Here are just a few suggestions of What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother's Day

$10 can get quite a bit in the blogging world sometimes!

  • She could use it for royalty free pictures at places like Fotolia.  I got $10 to Fotolia with my first hosting company, and I have stretched that $10 as far as I could.
  • She could use it towards getting a job done on Fiverr (like a logo or business cards made from Vistaprint or other places.
  • She could do a $10 giftcard giveaway or buy something she wants to give away or use that $10 to buy links on a big giveaway
  • There are many great books for blogging out there for under $10.  Some books are more than $10 like the Problogger books, but books like How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup are fantastic and only $5!

Here are just a few suggestions of What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother's Day

Some of these are my favorite!

  • She could buy a PicMonkey Royale subscription.   I’m going to break down and buy the Royale subscription myself, but I would LOVE it as a gift!  I use PicMonkey all.the.time!
  • She could get an Inlinkz subscription.  I had to have Inlinkz for all my parties, but some bloggers also use Inlinkz (or Mister Linky) on a page to showcase all their crafts or recipes.
  • She could buy hosting or buy/renew her domain name.  Of course, it costs to have a self-hosted site; sometimes more than $50.  But with a special, it could be less.  It could also buy a domain name plus privatization.
  • She could hire an hour or two of house cleaning if she had a big party coming up or pay for a day of babysitting when life gets crazy.
  • She could hire someone to link her up to parties for a week or two!

What Mom Bloggers Would Like for Mother's Day

  • Many Mom bloggers told me that they would love to get a new camera, computer, or tablet.  Personally, I would LOVE a DLSR camera, but I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money right now.
  • A huge wish for many bloggers is to get their website professionally designed by someone with their own look, but that is pricey!
  • Even a new theme many times is over $50!
  • You can pay someone to do jobs for $100 and they do it until the money runs out.  (Virtual assistant jobs)
  • Pay for the blog conference she wants to go to or for transportation or hotel expenses.

 If you have a mom blogger in your life, treat her special this Mother’s Day!

And if you are a mom blogger, what gift would you want?  What gift would you add to this list?


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