Mobile Marketing Trends

Gaining an understanding of Mobile Marketing Trends and how they can benefit your Blog is critical to any internet Marketer or Organization.

Gaining an understanding of Mobile Marketing Trends and how they can benefit your Blog is critical to any internet Marketer or Organization.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Two years ago, mobile internet users outnumbered the desktop ones.

Currently, they constitute more than 52% of the global internet crowd.

Some estimates say that by the end of 2020, mobile marketing investments will exceed $65 billion and that more than 75% of all internet content will be crafted for mobile browsers.

These huge numbers give us the picture of how important these mobile marketing trends are and why digital marketers need to pay special attention to people who access the web with their smartphone devices.

In this article, we’re going to share some of the latest mobile marketing trends, hoping that marketers will use them for shaping their future marketing strategies.

Messaging Apps

People love messaging apps because they allow them to contact whoever they want, at any time.

In 2015, according to the Business Insider’s report, messaging apps gained more active users than the most popular social networks.

This craze brought us back to the time of MSN Messenger and ICQ.

These platforms allowed us to instantly communicate with our friends, acquaintances, and people we’ve never seen in our life.

Mobile messaging apps work on the same principle, just they come with a few extra features, like a video call, file exchange, and group video chat.

Business people use messaging apps for organizing online meetings and conferences, while adolescents use them for sending emojis and augmented videos to each other.

But what are the benefits that messaging apps can bring to marketers?

They allow us to chat with customers and answer all of their questions.

This way, your communication with your customer base will become much more personal.

Since most people use apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber to connect with their best friends, if your company’s account enters this short list, you will be able to create a much deeper and stronger connection between your brand and its customer base.

Gaining an understanding of Mobile Marketing Trends and how they can benefit your Blog is critical to any internet Marketer or Organization.


From the previous paragraph, you’ve probably realized that personalization of customer service is the new norm for marketing professionals.

Unfortunately, companies can’t chat with thousands or even millions of their customers.

That’s why many big businesses have started investing huge sums in developing fast-learning chatbots (aka Artificial Intelligence or AI) that will spark a more personal type of interaction with consumers.

New chatbots can approach consumers on a personal level and send millions of messages with company’s sales pitch.

Deep learning concept allows them to bring consumers into the sales funnel and have meaningful conversations with them.

After chatbots finish the conversion stage, marketers can jump in, negotiate the terms and close the sale.

Assuming Artificial Intelligence continues to advance at a rapid pace, in the next couple of years, we’ll have chatbots that can manage the whole purchasing process and lead consumers from one end of the marketing funnel to checkout and after sale support.


Mobile Video

Video is currently the most popular Mobile Marketing Trends.

Still, many promotional videos aren’t customized for mobile phone users.

Unfortunately, mobile users still have problems with Wi-Fi and the internet coverage.

That’s why the promotional videos you post on social networks should be short and ‘straight to the point.’

Forget about intro credits, slow introductions, and long dramatic pauses.

If you’re filming a commercial for mobile users, make it fast and explosive.

Your video should also include subtitles because most mobile phone users prefer the mute auto-play option on social media timelines.

They play the sound only if an ad happens to be incredibly fun, useful or interesting.


Influencer Marketing

The popularity of the mobile internet has improved many different categories of marketing.

Two decades ago, influencers were celebrities who were signing expensive contracts with the biggest corporate entities.

A decade later, famous bloggers and experts from various niches entered this club.

Today, everyone who has more than 10,000 followers on social media can help you to attract more potential customers.

Personal recommendations from people we trust is the most efficient form of promotion. Authentic influencer marketing similar to BuySellShoutouts has a very bright future.

Lately, customer retention has been an another struggle business tend to deal with.

Loyalty programs, on the other hand, go a long path from motivating employees to offering rewards.

Mobile marketing trends are moving towards mobile loyalty programs as well, giving an opportunity for the consumers to collect points via mobile apps and get a reward later on.


User Generated Content

User generated content is similar to personal recommendations and word-to-mouth marketing.

The latest smartphones have very powerful cameras, and people use them to document and share plenty of cool stuff.

Motivating your customers to post a photo of your product online is not as hard as it used to be.

This action requires a second of their attention and two taps on their touch screen.

The best way to generate this type of content is by organizing competitions on your social media pages.

The fastest or the most creative customers should get different types of incentives.

For example; product samples, discounts, free subscription or the chance to meet the CEO and other people who stand behind the brand.

The best benefits of the mobile internet is that it will provide internet access to remote and less developed areas.

The reason why the number of mobile users is growing so fast is the fact that many people who never had desktop computers are now browsing the web via smartphones.

That is why focusing on the needs of mobile users by deploying a plan around Mobile Marketing Trends is the best marketing decision you can make.

A few simple updates will help you connect with thousands of new customers and make your business stand out from the competition.

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How have Mobile Apps affected your life or Business – please comment below.

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