Micro Vacation Fantasy

So I apologize in advance for this “click bait” title but I really want YOU to read this.

Micro Vacation Fantasy – Shameless Click Bait?

I just booked a vacation with Sandals and flights by Westjet – so far they both get a satisfaction score of 1.5 out of 10 and all my issues are still not fixed.

This experience will be the topic of a lengthy blog article.

So if these guys can’t get it right and you need a break . . . what do you do?

I needed to find something to get my mind off of some issues that are making me physically and emotionally sick.

I needed something that engaged me enough to forget all the bullshit I have on my plate today (nice visual huh).

So I do some quick Google searches for games and immediately dismissed any of the childish “bubble” games – I’m an adult sometimes.

Years ago I enjoyed Golf and the long long walks searching for my ball but who has 4-5 hours on a weekend and with a young family it’s not possible now.

I found a Free Online Easy or Hard Golf Solitaire Video Game

Without a lot of effort this game works well with my aptitude – makes me feel like I’m a genius (in Easy Mode)

Click the blue play button at the bottom center of the screen. This will bring up the difficulty select screen.

  • Easy: On easy mode the cards wrap around. You can connect a king with an ace.
  • Hard: On hard mode the cards do not wrap around. You cannot connect a king with an ace.

While hard mode is significantly harder than easy, the game scores the same way. If you want to switch between hard or easy mode after starting the game you have to click the blue X in the upper right corner then restart the game from the welcome screen & select the other difficulty level.

Apparently this game works for me !!



This was the best mini Vacation I have ever had.

Made me feel good about myself and physically better then I felt before I played the game.

I encourage you to visit Solitaire.org and get the break you deserve.

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