How to Make an Un-Pinteresting Post Pinteresting!

I’m sure you have heard many times about the benefits of making sure that you optimize you posts for Pinterest.  There have been many posts written about taking good pictures, making your pictures that are vertical, using an overlay with text, and watermarking your photos with your website’s URL.

But what happens when you write a post that does not seem to lend itself to having a Pinteresting picture?  This happens all the time!  However, you want to try to include a picture that can be pinned!  We all know that Pinterest can drive many views to your blog.How do make a pictures that can be pinned for informational, inspirational, or family posts.

Here are some posts that may not lead itself to easy Pinteresting pictures:

  • A post about blogging or social media!  How do you make a photo for your instructional posts about blogging?  Or an informational post?
  • If you include posts about your family’s life or vacation, how would one of those photos lend itself to Pinterest?  Photos with faces don’t do well on Pinterest and who wants to see my family at a lighthouse?
  • What about if you do inspirational or devotional posts?  Many times you don’t take pictures for those.

How to simplify and beautify your posts by using pictures you make!We know that you can make pictures on PicMonkey, Canva, Ribbet, or countless other photo editing programs to make a picture for blog hops and linkies that then can be pinned.  We see these pictures all the time.  The same kind of pictures can be made as your main picture for posts that are informational posts.   Here you see a text picture I made for the post I did back in April.  This was the only real pinnable picture on that post; and once it is pinned, people will repin and come read this post.  However, if you do not take the time to make a picture, then it cannot be pinned.

For instructional and informational posts, you can take your main points and make a picture out of it.  Maybe the title is not enough to draw readers to your post, but one of the points may be a draw.  Take for example this picture I made from The Key to Being a Successful Blogger published last month here on TOTS.

Pinnable text picture to draw readers in to your site
If I saw the title, it might bring me over to the site; but when I see the third point, I might think, “I want to learn how to make relationships with brands!”  So I go to read the post!  (And sure enough, there are some links to companies she uses to make connections!)

All of the wonderful infographics that you pin are done this way!  If you do a how-to post about blogging or social media, make an informational picture with the main information from your post so that it can be pinned.  In this post, SITS Girls have a pinnable picture showing many posts that they have on their blog about blog design tips.  Then underneath the picture, they have links to all of the posts.  HERE, Paulina Cabrera from Twelveskip has an infographic with tips that she had written previously in a blog post.  Pictures like these will be pinned over and over and will draw people to your website!  You just have to practice using overlays and text in photo editing programs and maybe getting some free clipart or pictures like the key clipart that I used in the picture above.

What about those vacation and family pictures?

These are harder many times!  If you have a lifestyle blog, and your family is following it; then you might include pictures and posts that strangers on Pinterest have no interest in reading.  Be aware of photo ops that might lend itself to being Pinterest friendly.  Last year, when we took our kids to a local pumpkin farm, I took this picture.  When I wrote a post saying what we had done the past week, I included the picture, pinned it, and it has been repinned 27 times.

take pictures of educational information

If you go on vacation to historical pictures, you can take pictures of historical facts.  When our family visited Fort Monroe over Spring Break, I took pictures of the plaques that told information about Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

If you take a tour of a state or city, you could write a post about the top 10 Kid Friendly Places to visit, and then make a photo with that information.  People scour Pinterest looking for information before they go on vacation!

How about if you write inspirational or devotional posts or book reviews?

Always be aware of scenic pictures you can take that can be used for quotations or verses later.  

thoughtful thursdays 515 1 john 514

Both of these pictures I took on our walks.  I then added an overlay and a verse that went with the post that I was writing.  In the picture on the right, my kids are actually in the picture; but with the overlay, you can’t see them.  For my Thoughtful Thursday posts, I pin pictures like these from those posts.

pictures that can be pinnedInstead of just writing a list of quotes or inspirational sayings, use a background that a photo editing website offers and make a picture out of them.  I had read a post of 25 Things Every Mother Should Teach Their Daughters.  I took the points that I really liked and made pictures out of them.  If you make a picture out of these quotes and verses, they also can easily be made into printables!

It takes time to make pictures out of the information in your posts, but Pinterest is a social media that should be utilized if it is at all possible!  Plus, the pictures help break up your posts which makes your posts more readable and more interesting!  The more you do it, the easier it will get, and the better you get at it!

What are your tips for making your pictures Pinteresting?



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