How to Make Your Twitter Pretty

How important is it these days to how to make your twitter pretty? Very important . . . read on

How To Make Your Twitter Pretty

If you ‘like’ us on Facebook or are following TOTS on twitter you probably know that I have really been getting into twitter lately.

I know, I know I am super late on the twitter train.

I really like twitter because I am able to connect with brands much more quickly than on Facebook.

If you follow may also know I went to Bloggy Conference recently and using the #Bloggy hash tag I was able to take and share notes about the various sessions I attended.

As much as I am loving on twitter I do not like how boring some twitter pages are this is why you need to learn how to make your twitter pretty

What a default twiiter page looks like

What a default twiiter page looks like

I’ll admit our TOTS and TOTS: Family twitter pages were pretty boring until I gave them a snazzy new makeover.

@totsbusiness twitter page

@totsbusiness twitter page

The best program I found to change the look of your twitter page is Color Lovers.

Cover Lover allows you to change the back ground and color scheme with just a few clicks. I

tried out a few of their patterned backgrounds but found them a little too busy.

I ended up uploading a picture of our logo which had a transparent background and matching the color scheme.

You can also custom design your own background/heard in photo editing software.

Show us your snazzy twitter page in the comments below and we will be sure to follow.

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