Make Money on your Blog without Clogging up your Sidebar


Make Money on your Blog without Clogging up your Sidebar

I had to share my money-making tips today because the power of blogging is huge and I want you to be successful!   

I make more blogging on Your Modern Family (my personal blog) than I made teaching elementary school (full time) and my blog is less than a year old, so imagine the possibilities!  

It is consistent every month (ranges a little, but still stays higher than my teaching salary), and I can’t wait to help you make your blog profitable, too.

I like to keep posts in my sidebars, instead of ads.

It gives my readers more places on MY PAGE to look around and enjoy.

It keeps them there longer.

I have one or two ads on my sidebar and I keep one above my posts.    

I like to make money on my blog without clogging up the sidebars. 


Make money on your blog without clogging up your sidebars


We earn the majority of my money in three areas.

My first and by-far-favorite way to earn money is with Izea.

Izea is great.

I think that I like that you normally work one on one with someone and once they like your work, they usually come back for more!

They give you a product or topic and you go to town, making it your very best work!

You can sign up for Izea here.

I highly recommend it!

My second way (so easy!) is through Activate.

I like it because you apply to whatever you think would work for you and your blog.

It doesn’t usually require too much extra work (some of the sponsored posts require you to upload your pictures into outside sources which can take longer).


My other HUGE money maker is to be an affiliate.

I have been an affiliate of a few different things, but my best money-maker is to sell other blogger’s ebooks.

I make a pretty good amount every month doing this.

So, how does this work?

If you sell an e-book (say that you were to sell one of my e-books, you would make money on it.)

Lets use my Instagram Dominator 5.0 eBook as the example.  

First, you would get onto e-junkie HERE and sign up as an affiliate.  

Next, you would do one of two things:

1- Write a review and make $5 off of each book sale.

2- Add it to the bottom of other posts that you already have.    

So, if you wrote one about your two year old, you might write at the bottom “Oh- and if you are thinking about potty training, I recommend this book!” and then post my book with YOUR affiliate link.   Now with each sale, you make $5.   

This would be easy to do with my You Can Be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income eBook because we all talk about money!

So just add it to the bottom of a post about spending & you make 40-50% on each book sale.

I did this a LOT and I was making a few hundred on other bloggers eBooks every month.

Now that I have my own e-books, I am making money on my own book as well as theirs.

If you are new to e-junkie or to being an affiliate, this article might be helpful to you:  How to become an affiliate with ejunkie

The fourth way (that literally takes seconds a day) to make money is to write SPONSORED TWEETS – they pay you for every tweet.

I hope my tips to Make money on your blog without clogging up your sidebars was helpful!

Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions!

What is your favorite way to make money on your blog?

Do you already do these things?

What can you share?

We’d love to learn from you, as you are learning from us (the Thinking outside the Sandbox writers!)!

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