How To Make a REAL Income Blogging

This post contains affiliate links from companies that I use to make a real income bloggingmake a real income blogging

Everyone has been asking me lately how I make money blogging (you can find my Your Modern Family blogging income here).   I want to tell you exactly how I do it.
It is hard work, but I am willing to do it because I have real goals that I want to reach.
My financial goals (I am going to make it happen by blogging):
– Pay off the house early
– Have my husband work with me full time
– Pay for our kid’s college educations, in full. (We have four kids)
– Have a hefty savings account (my goal is to have $1,000,000 in the bank)

I schedule my Facebook posts every night before I go to bed (sometimes I forget, but I try to do this).  I aim for one every hour from 6:00 am – 12:00 am.   Facebook is hard, these days, but I still try.

I pin about 10 pins a day, but my goal is 20.

tweet a few times a day- I really just tweet when I think about it.

promote my ebooks & have sales to promote them more (example: 1/2 off)- My affiliates make 50% of each book sale, so they really promote my sales, which is fantastic!

I post every single day.   Posting frequently will bring more readers. 
If I have a sponsored post, I double up my post for that day because I don’t like to have a low sponsored to non-sponsored ratio, so for every 1 sponsored post, I post 1 non-sponsored post, on the same day.

So, making money…
I make most of my money from sponsored posts.
First- make sure that you are signed up with companies that will pay you to post a blog!

Here are my very favorites…

(You can sign up for these by clicking on the links below) 

  1. SocialSpark
  2. Sverve
  3. Being an affiliate for other bloggers (read more about that here)
  4. Linqia
  5. Moms Affiliate
  7. IZEA – this one is new, so jump on it now!!
  8. Cooperatize
  9. Social Fabric
  10. Blogher
  11. Momitforward
  12. SitsGirls
  13. PostJoint (they pay you to guest post on your blog)
  14. Wendy’s Bloggers
  15. MomCentral
  16. AFFILIATES for companies- check out this page to see my favorite affiliate programs.
  17. Business2Blogger 
  18. Clever Girls
  19. Pollinate Media
  20. Selling other bloggers books- you make 50% when you sell my books.  (most bloggers offer an affiliate percentage & they are worth finding!)how to make a real income blogging

    The most important things to remember
    (follow these links to find other great posts on this site):

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