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How to Be Lucky in Business

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After being in business for almost 5 years, there’s one thing I can say with certainty about our business. That we were a tad lucky. Good things happened for us. We made valuable connections. But being lucky in business and “real life” isn’t always about something that happens to you. You can be a full participant in being truly “lucky” just by how you go about your daily lives and how you interact with the people you come across. Totally.

For example, early in our business, I had made a friendly connection with another business that was quite successful and had been given some amazing opportunities. When it came time for her to recommend others for a similar opportunity, she mentioned us. Pretty soon great opportunities were being thrown our way. And all because of this random connection that I had made on Facebook.

Here are a few other ways that you can be “lucky” in business:

• Maximize random or chance opportunities. People that are lucky generally know lot of people. Family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. They aren’t afraid to talk to people that they don’t know. They also notice many things that others don’t. Chance seems to be their middle name. For us, I always thought that we did that every well, mainly because we didn’t have a huge business budget and we simply had to if we wanted to move ahead. Some of the coolest folks I know, I have met in the most random of places. Seriously?!
• Listening to your inner gut. This one is important and often can’t be described as anything other than you had a feeling. Most times your hunch will be correct. When your body is having a visceral reaction to something, you need to take notice!
• Always expect that good things will happen for you. Always but not in a cocky way. I still believe this even after a few minor blips. It’s what keeps me going on challenging days. Lucky people in business know that things will go astray at some point, but also believe that they will always improve significantly.
• They have a lot of determination with a little fear thrown in. Being afraid isn’t always a bad thing and can often work to our advantage. Part of being “determined,” is encompassing that fear and moving ahead anyways. In doing so, they will often set off a whole chain of events.

So you see, many of us just automatically assume that people that are lucky are just lucky. They are in the right place at the right time. They just happen to meet all the right people. But that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes they’re just better at putting themselves out there, at every chance they get. To me that’s being lucky! What do you think?

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