Low Cost Camera Accessories For Bloggers And Small Businesses

Low Cost Camera Accessories For Bloggers And Small Businesses

Getting the most out of a camera requires some skill and just as much trial and error.

However, there are many items you can use to help you take better photos, especially better product shots.

Low Cost Camera Accessories For Bloggers And Small Businesses


A good tripod will let you set the scene without losing your focus. There is nothing worse than framing up a product shot and you notice something you don’t like. You set the camera down and fix the problem, but you don’t seem to be able to find the exact spot you were in before. By tripod mounting the camera, you simply step away from it and return when you are ready.

I recommend the Optex PRT 200 (MSRP $70). It is a good quality tripod which has several useful built-in features, including a built-in bubble level and quick release shoe. A very similar, and more cost-effective model is available here.


There are times when you really want to get a different angle for a photo. But getting down on your stomach isn’t always the most pleasant of prospects. I love using a mini tripod with bendable legs to support the camera and save some wear and tear on my elbows. These are also helpful in tight corners where holding the camera may prove difficult.

I recommend the JOBY GorillaPod Original (MSRP $20). It is completely flexible, but holds its shape.

Pop-up Flash Blocker

If you haven’t yet invested in an external hot shoe flash, fear not. You can still avoid harsh shadows with a soft screen. This device slides into the camera’s hot shoe space and acts as a barrier to diffuse the harsh, bright light from your pop up flash. This is best used on a horizontal plane. This is a new item I recently invested in for myself when I was having issues with my external flash.

I recommend the LumiQuest 051D (MSRP $14).

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Soft Box

I recently purchased the Aurora MicroBoxEdit (MSRP $25) as an accessory for my external flash. I love this product. It attaches easily around my flash and gives me more versatility, especially for up close photos. It also provides diffused light and helps get rid of harsh shadows.

UV filter

A UV filter will not really change much in your photos but this is more of a preventative safety message. I have bought and installed a UV filter on each lens that I own for the simple reason of possible cost savings in the future. I would rather get a scratch on a filter than on my expensive lenses. These typically cost less than $20 depending on the size of the lens.

I don’t like spending money unnecessarily. But sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Good photos help attract readers and views which can increase ad revenue. Give some of these a try and let us know if your photos improve.

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