How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Getting started is as simple as learning How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

If you have been following along with my eBay series than you have already learned the benefits and disadvantages of selling on eBay, as well as how to sign up for an account.

It is now time to list your first item for sale and I know that you are equal parts nervous and excited, right?

Calm your nerves because I am going to walk you through listing your first item and will even be at the ready in the comments section for any questions you might have.

Log into your eBay account

At the top left hand side of your home screen you should see the word sell. Go ahead and click on that.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Enter Your Item’s Title

Enter what you think would make a good title for your listing.

Don’t worry, you can always go in and edit it.

Make sure to include what the item is, any model # or name, and other details that you would type in if you were searching for this item.

You have a limited amount of characters so use your space wisely.


How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Fill Out your listing details

  • Here you can change the title if you’d like to.
  • Next you will choose the condition of your item. Depending on the item you are selling, you may just choose between New and Used, but there are also some other options (which are self-explanatory) to choose from.
  • Adding your photos is the next step. This is very important to your listing. If you click on the Add From Your Computer button you can upload photos for your listing. You can either take your photos beforehand and have them ready to go for this part of the listing or you can stop here, take the photos, upload and continue on. You want to make sure your photos are clear and detailed because that is a major player in selling your items. I will get more into this topic in a future post.
  • Item specifics are the next listing details to fill in. These vary greatly depending on the item you are listing. I implore you to fill out as much information as you can here. The more information you have, the better your chance of selling the item. Again, there is a whole other post that can be written on this topic alone, so look out for one in the future.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Next you will fill out the details for this item

  • I suggest that you add the information you already typed into your title, rewording it, and then type out any other details about the item. The more description, the better here. Think about any questions a potential buyer might have and answer that.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

  • You may now choose between listing your item as an Auction or Fixed Price listing.
  • Each has its own benefits (which can be discussed at great length). But I determine how I will list simply by the demand of the item. If I think it is something very popular, then I listing it as an auction item yields a higher profit. Otherwise, if it is something that will not sell right away, then list it with a Fixed Price. Ebay now suggests whether you should sell Auction or Fixed price and suggested price. This is a great guide for someone just starting out. Another way you can determine the price to list your items is to research the Sold Listings of similar items. I will be sharing a post about this as well in the future.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Lastly, you will choose your shipping

  • You can choose to have the buyer pay for shipping or offer free shipping (which I often do). There are several factors that go into choosing your shipping. Most importantly you need the weight of the item you are shipping to determine shipping method. A scale that can measure to the ounce is ideal. And you can enter the items weight into your shipping calculator to get an accurate price.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

  • Once you decide on the shipping you must make sure you have your Paypal details. And include shipping location, handling time and return policy set up. These are all specific to you.
  • You are now ready to hit that List It button and send out your item to millions of potential buyers.

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Congratulations, you did it. Learning How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay was not so nerve racking after all, now was it?

How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay

Tell me how you did.

Or ask me any questions on How to List Your First Item for Sale on Ebay in the comments below.

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