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If you read online blogs, you already know that there’s almost always a comment form at the bottom of each post the blogger publishes.  And bloggers love to get comments!  In fact, if they could, most bloggers would jump through the screen and give you a big fat hug every time you leave a thoughtful or relevant comment on something they’ve written.

Why do bloggers go bananas for feedback?  I happen to be one of those comment-craving bloggers, so let me try to explain.

A comment left on my post is like affirmation that my time was well spent.

A comment left for me says that another human being was interested in what I had to say.

A comment means that someone might have been inspired, informed, educated, or maybe even angered, by something I shared.  Whatever the case, it’s valuable feedback for me as a writer and influencer.

When I write and get no response, it kind of feels like I’m stranded on an island launching messages in bottles.  “Hello! Is anybody out there?”

Some people describe blogs as “online journals,” but I disagree.  The journals I’ve kept since childhood aren’t meant for public consumption.  But when a blogger writes, whether he or she will admit it, some kind of acknowledgment is very much appreciated.

If you read a lot of blogs but never leave a comment on the posts you read, well I’m here to give you a virtual finger-wagging.  It might have taken the blogger an hour or more to write that article you loved.  And how long does it take to type a purposeful response?  Maybe twenty seconds?

Now you might be thinking…

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Commenting on a lot of blog posts could unarguably be a huge time suck.  So just concentrate on one or two each day.  Or maybe just a few a week.  The point is to be considerate and thankful towards those bloggers who are working hard to publish great content.  So don’t be an invisible fan.  Get off the sidelines periodically and do some cheering.

And above all, if you are going to take a few moments to write a comment, pretty please with a cherry on top make it thoughtful and relevant.  If you’re going to just write “thanks for sharing!” or “nice tips!” it’s best to keep the comments to yourself.  Phrases like that are a dime a dozen and make the blogger feel like you didn’t really read their post.

Will your commenting efforts be rewarded?  Well, I can’t promise checks in the mail or hundreds of hits on your website, but here goes.  If you use the Comment Luv feature, it will post a link to your blog so the writer can pay you a reciprocal visit.  Other people who comment will also see your link.  If your comment really grabs the blogger, they might visit your web site, subscribe to your blog, or in other ways help to grow your online presence.

And did I mention the warm fuzzy you get when you make a blogger smile?

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