KISSMIF #9: Facebook Page Plugin, Buffer + Pinterest, and more Twitter Tips!

Here is the 9th Installment of KISSMIF:  Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun!

Easy tips for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter--enjoy Social Media!

I hope these tips will help you actually enjoy social media, as we all know it is necessary to having a successful blog or business.

Social Media News about Facebook.

  • Share videos! Videos reached 1 billion video views a day on Facebook in September, 2014. So share videos already uploaded to Facebook from bigger pages or upload your own videos. Try not to share videos from YouTube. You will get much better reach if you share videos uploaded directly to Facebook.
  • You may have heard that Facebook is getting rid of the “Like Box Plugin”. If you have it on your website, it will automatically convert to the Facebook Page Plugin on June 23 unless you convert it earlier. Some of the bloggers in groups did not care for this conversion, but personally I really like it. I still get a lot of interaction on Facebook, and sponsors will look at your numbers and reach on Facebook. I think this new plugin offers some great features and customability.  You can go to the Page Plugin Facebook Page and play around to see exactly how you would want yours to look. I personally don’t use it as it can be a performance hit as far as how fast your site loads, but here is what you can do:

Put in your Facebook URL.

Use the new Facebook Page Plugin to drive interaction to your Facebook page.

Then specify how many pixels wide you want your box to be. Then click the different options. Here you see it with all the options:

Use the new Facebook Page Plugin to drive interaction to your Facebook page.

Here you see it with just the posts from your page. Maybe if your followers see how active you are on your page, if you share some posts that are interesting to them, or if you ask questions that make them want to engage, they’ll hop over to your Facebook page.

Use the new Facebook Page Plugin to drive interaction to your Facebook page.

  • I do  use a free Conversions Box, where it will add a little scroll box in the bottom right hand corner of my website, and I use the SumoMe Smart Bar that can be for Twitter, Facebook, email subscriptions and more.  Both are just a code I can add to my header/footer of my theme.

Easy tips about PInterest

The buzz is all about Buffer adding Pinterest to their Awesome plan. For 7 days, you can get a free trial, and then you have to pay to use the Pinterest tool. I am trying it right now. I use ViralTag as my main Pinterest scheduler, although I live pin most of the posts I pin. There are many functions that Buffer does not provide as of now that the schedulers such as ViralTag can provide such as  pinning a post to multiple boards at one time. However, if you already have the Awesome plan, this is a great addition. For only $10 a month,  you can schedule tweets to Twitter (and maybe be a VA for someone’s Twitter account), and schedule your pins. Plus if you pay for a whole year at a time, it comes out to $8.50 a month. When I pin all the posts in for a party I host, this tool would do the job.

Here is how you use it:

After you have a Buffer account, you can click on the blue “share image” tab on the lower right hand corner of any picture in a post or click the buffer symbol on the  top right hand corner of a pin on Pinterest.

Using Buffer to pin to Pinterest.

Using Buffer to pin to Pinterest.

Then click on your Pinterest icon to make it pin to Pinterest and click on your Twitter icon so it won’t send a Tweet. You can see in the secoond picture only my Pinterest icon is visible and clear. The other thing I like to do is remove the buffer link so people can’t tell I used buffer to schedule the post. If you want a link to your post in the description, then you can leave it.

Using Buffer to pin to Pinterest.

Then search for the for the board or scroll and find the right board.

Using Buffer to pin to Pinterest.

Then you can share it right away or you can set up a schedule for pinning, and just add the pin to your queue.

Using Buffer to pin to Pinterest.

Yup, Buffer will pull the headline by default as opposed to Pinterest, which pulls the alt text. One thing you might try, if you use captions on your blog, is to highlight that text before you pin using the extension. That way Buffer will pick up that text as the caption instead.

Twitter now has group private messaging!

I’ve been working on following new people on Twitter and being consistent on Twitter. There is so much information being written about Twitter right now.

Start by writing a Twitter mission statement on your profile that addresses who the account is for and what value it delivers.

The key to being successful on Twitter is sharing the right information, whether it’s your own links or other content.

. . . when you share something that someone else wrote, don’t just tell people why it’s great and share the link, also include the Twitter handle of the author.

. . . if someone writes about you, @mention them when you share the link.

  • Right now, I do have  a couple of giveaways going on, but I have grown about 400 followers in the past couple of months. I have been trying to add re-tweets from other bloggers to my free Buffer (only 10 at a time can be added to the free plan), and I have been trying to get over and favorite tweets from my friends. I also belong to some tribes on Triberr and I have subscribed to Lists that I am a part of. Then I fill my buffer up from tweets on those lists.
  • Here are some more Twitter Tips from KISSMIF #8.

What are some strategies that are working for you on Twitter?

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