KISSMIF #7: Tutorial for Using a FREE Scheduler for Google+

I’m so excited about this installment of KISSMIF: Keep It Simple, Social Media is Fun! Using a FREE Scheduler for Google+

Using a FREE Scheduler for Google+

Using a FREE Scheduler for Google+

Today’s post will be about Google+, but I enjoyed reading a few more tips about Instagram from PostPlanner’s post HERE.

In the last KISSMIF’s post, I shared some facts about how Instagram has terrific interaction and how it should be being used by bloggers.

PostPlanner was looking at one account that gets really great interaction.  That account only uses two hashtags per post, and posts only two pictures a day, one in the morning and one at night.

It’s working for them, and it’s also manageable to keep up with that kind of schedule.

How often do you post to Instagram?

Using a FREE Scheduler for Google+

+Jimmie Lanley is one of the first bloggers I came across when I first started out on Google+.  She loves Google+ and has written this all-inclusive post on how to use it called 100 Ways to Improve Your Google Plus Experience.

I hear all the time that bloggers cannot figure out G+ and really it is not that hard.  It is just different and takes exposure to get used to it.  I thought I had a good handle on G+, yet I learned so much by reading this post.  It is one I have saved for reference.

Here is what I incorporated from reading this post:

  • I installed the Do Share Chrome Extension App.  Oh, I am super-excited about this app.  I use the Facebook Scheduler all the time for my Facebook posts, but I could not find any free service where I could schedule my Google+ posts to my personal profile (which is what I use).  This is totally free and I am jumping up and down!!
  • I knew #22-23, but not #24-25 about how to format your posts.
  • I also would like to learn more shortcuts (#52).

Here’s is how the Do Share Extension works

  • Do Share extension for ChromeAfter installing it, it looks like a little yellow square that says 0.
  • When you want to schedule a share to Google+ from anything you may find on the internet or from your own blog posts, you click on the zero.  That will bring up a separate window that looks like this:
    Do Share extension for Chrome
  • Just write what you want the post to say.  I usually don’t title the post.  As you type, what the post is going to look like shows underneath. Choose who you want to see the post (most of the time “public”) and then click “schedule” (or “share now” if you want or “send to drafts” if you don’t know when you want it to post or if you want to add more information later).
    Do Share extension for Chrome
  • After you click schedule, this window comes up and you can schedule the post:
    Do Share extension for Chrome
  • Do Share extension for ChromeThen you will see the zero change on the extension to show how many posts you have scheduled in queue.

Now here is Something else that is Really Cool with this App:

  • On G+, you will now see this symbol:Do Share extension for Chrome
  • You can click on the Do Share Symbol (with the three dots and it will bring up the Do Share screen to schedule your shares on G+ from other people’s G+ posts.
  • Do Share extension for ChromeYou can also share a G+ post to other social media by clicking on the + next to the Do Share symbol.  Pretty cool!
  • How the doshare extension works.You can also click on your picture and choose to share as your profile or as one of your pages.

What I have Learned from Experimenting with this Extension:

  • When I first started using this extension, it worked great.  Then it broke.  I joined the G+ community for the Do Share and found out that +Circloscope now owns and manages this extension.  They fixed it, and it now works great again.
  • After they fixed it, my posts were automatically saying, “Shared for free via +Do Share.”  I did not like this as it showed everyone that I had scheduled a post and was not on G+ at the moment.
    Do Share extension for G+ sharing
  • Do Share extension for G+ sharingIt’s easy to rem0ve this wording.  Click on the extension, and then click on the gear picture at the top left of your screen.
  • Do Share extension for G+ sharingThen click “no posts” next to the top choice where it says, “Add ‘Shared fro free via +DoShare to’.”
  • Now the wording will not be on your posts!

Have fun!!

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