KISS MIF: Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun!

My dad always used to say, “KISS MIF.”

At first, we didn’t know what he meant.  It made no sense to us kids.  He would then say, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.  Make it Fun!”

I would like to change the phrase a little and say:

Keep it Simple! Social Media is Fun!KISSMIF:  Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun!  Get simple updates about what is new or changing in Social Media!

As business owners and bloggers in today’s world, social media is a must!  We have to know have to utilize social media to our full advantage.  You can have an awesome blog or business, but unless others know about it, it will die.

However, social media can be time-consuming!  Just about the time you think you get something figured out, it all changes or there is a new “thing.”  That is why there are blogs that focus mainly on social media such as Social Media Examiner and they have huge followings.

But who has time to search and read the best way to post to each social media?  A small business owner or  a smaller blogger many times has to do everything:  post their news, make pictures, respond to comments, update old posts, do the social media, and the list goes on and on.

Well, you might think I am strange, but I kind-of like to read about what’s new and changing.  I used to share little tidbits of information that I found on my daily social media parties on The Ultimate Linky, but I have stopped doing that blog due to time restraints.  So I  approached TOTS Business with an idea of having an ongoing series of posts about social  media:  what’s new, what’s changing, and interesting information.

I don’t know it all, but I will try to pass on to you what I am finding in an easy to understand way.  I an non-techy, so if I can’t get it, I probably won’t share it with you.  We’ll keep it simple so I’ll keep it to three social medias every time I post a KISSMIF post, and I hope you find it fun to read as well!

Pinterest changes!

Oh, boy, Pinterest talk has been flying around in the groups I am in lately.  There have been many posts written about it too with THIS POST about the new smart feed by Blog Chicka Blog being the one I have seen the most.   I have pages of information saved with some of the conversations, and not everyone agrees with each other!  Some bloggers are saying group boards aren’t as big of a deal anymore; others say do the group boards.

One thing I do know is that you gotta keep plugging away with Pinterest.  Here are some basic practices you always want to be sure of on Pinterest:

  • Make sure you are not pinning “spam.”  Click on the pin before you pin it and make sure it goes to the source.
  • Space out your pinning.  If you pin a bunch of pins to one board at one time, Pinterest may consider that spam.
  • Get rich pins enabled if you can.  I show HERE how I got rich pins.
  • Optimize SEO on Pinterest by having good keywords in your description in a normal way of talking (don’t stuff your descriptions full of keywords.)  You will want your alt text line on each picture to have a good description so that when other people pin from your post, your pins will automatically be SEO optimized.   If you don’t know what I mean about the alt text line, then read #3 of  THIS POST.
  • Don’t use hashtags unless you need to do so for a brand or campaign.
  • I’ll share more in my next post!

Facebook changes!

This isn’t that new, but I think it is super cool that you can now change to comment by your page instead of your profile right on the post you are commenting on instead of having to change at the top of Facebook’s page.  I am trying to remember to do this when I respond on other blog’s pages as then I don’t have to tag my page, which can look self-serving.

You just go to the flag symbol in the comment area:  flag symbol on facebook posts

Click on it and choose the page you want:choose the facebook page you want

Then you can comment as your page and not your profile:
Comment as your facebook page and not your profile.

comment as your facebook page on many commentsYou will have to do this again on your next comment if you want to keep commenting as your page, so if you want to comment on many posts as your page, then you will still want to change to be using Facebook as your page and not your profile at the top of Facebook.

New social media:  TSU

Here is a new social media that has received a lot of attention in the past week.  David Leonhardt who is one of my tribes on Triberr wrote a good article on it HERE.

You should go ahead and get yourself a free account there just in case TSU takes off.  You want to guard your brand and grab your name before anyone else does!

I try to share a status over there every day or so and like and comment a few posts, but I am not spending much time on TSU.  If I read any more great articles,  I’ll pass on the information!

You can become part of my family by joining through my invitation!  You can only join right now by invitation.

Just click on this link:

Is that enough or too much to be KISSMIF?  I would love to know what kind of tips you would find of value!  Please leave me a comment and if you find a great tip that should be shared, please email me at [email protected](dot)com.  If the tip is new to me, and I use it, I’ll give you credit for finding the tip, so please include your name and the URL of your blog!


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