All About IFTTT (If This, Then That)

All About IFTTT (If This, Then That)
I stumbled on to IFTTT when a co-writer posted one of the ‘recipes’ in a group and said someone should write about it.  *raises hand*  It’s rather fascinating, and an easy platform to connect your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, LinkedIn) plus loads of other Channels!  There are 80 channels that you can activate, and with these you can do anything from saving your Instagram photos to Dropbox, to automatically posting those same photos on Twitter, to remotely turning your lights on via a Wifi signal!!
And that’s only half the channels!
While some of these seem like novelties or fun recipes for the tech lovers, a lot of these recipes can be amazingly convenient and easy for business or social media use.  What’s also nice is that it involves a maximum of two steps, and can save you from finding a tutorial or a step-by-step, and then discovering that it doesn’t work because it’s for an iPod and you have an Android Phone, and then having to look again…
For example:
I want to post an Instagram picture on Twitter.

First of all, I discovered that Instagram and Twitter are not friends.  Like, wow.  Here I am using simple recipes, and the first one couldn’t even post to Twitter (I found a handy little ‘check’ button after the fact), the second only posted a link, but the third time was a charm.  I ended up doing some googling, and Steve over at Business Insider was very helpful.

So. To post a tweet WITH a picture, this is the recipe you want.
Use Recipe   Note the phrase ‘native Twitter picture.’  That’s the key right there.
1)  Sign up for IFTTT. Super-easy.
2)  Activate your Instagram and Twitter channels.
3)  Use this recipe.
Recipe Checked
4) Check the recipe.  Click on the little button that says ‘Check’
Recipe Checked
See the tiny little yellow box just below my bookmarks bar?  The recipe is good to go.
(If it weren’t, the box would be red and it would say “Recipe failed”)
4)  To turn it off, select the handy little ‘turn off’ button to the right of the recipe.  When a recipe is turned off, it turns grey.
Turned off
Have I ever mentioned how much I love colour-coding?
5)  Ta-daa!
What are your favourite recipes?

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