How You Can Make More Money Than Us With Fiverr

How You Can Make More Money Than Us With Fiverr

A few months ago, we told you about a Fiverr challenge we were a part of. In case you need a little refresher here is a bit of information:

But it’s going to be a bit different. TOTS has been challenged to created a business on Fiverr. We are competing against other lifestyle bloggers to create our own business and get the most in sales.  We have dabbled in Fiverr before, but never put much effort into it. I have heard numerous success stories of people who have built an entire business on the Fiverr platform.

If you have never heard of Fiverr, it is a micro job website where sellers (like us) offer various products or services, called “gigs,” starting at $5.  The jobs are varied. We have used Fiverr as a seller before – most successfully with the introduction to our podcast.

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How You Can Make More Money Than Us With Fiverr

How did we do?

To be honest, I’m not sure. The challenge focused on how many redemptions we got with our coupon code and I do not have an update on that number.

I can tell you that we made zero sales from our account.

Where did we go wrong?

Now looking back and hearing other people’s experiences, I think I know where we went wrong. We were offering advertising services and, while I know our offers were a great deal, it is not unique on the Fiverr marketplace. Plus the people we want to target are not looking for us on there.

How can I make more money on Fiverr than you did?

I want you to learn from our mistakes. Here are some simple tips that I would implement if I were trying to make money on Fiverr.

Offer a service the Fiverr audience wants

Instead of offering services our blog audience is looking for we should have tailored our offers to the Fiverr audience. Take some time and look around on the site to see what people are buying.

Tech skills sell

I buy from Fiverr occasionally and when I do I am looking for some quick, tech skill that I just do not have time for. For example, the audio intros on our podcast, Sandbox To Success, were created by a seller on Fiverr.

Do you sell with success on Fivver. Comment with your best tip on how to sell and your Fiverr seller name and I will add to this post.

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