How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Keep Track of Sales

How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Keep Track of Sales

There are a few different apps out there to benefit the Amazon seller and the best ones always seem to have a fee involved.

I almost took the plunge and signed up for one of those app and then I found out that Amazon was coming out with their own, and it is FREE!

This app is still being developed but is already a valuable asset. You can download it via iTunes or Google Play.

Here are a few screen shots of how to use this app to keep track of sales orders.

Here is the home screen

Change the preferences a bit, but here you can see that I have sold 3 items so far today.

View yesterdays figures (in the gray).

You can change this chart to read weekly or monthly units ordered as well.

seller app 1


And also you have the ability to change how you see your sales.

This depicts the total dollar amount in sales.

Look at those 3 items above equate to $63.97 in sales.

You can also choose to see these sales in a weekly or monthly amount as well.

seller app 2


To view the details of your orders you can bring down the menu by clicking on the three lines at the very top left of your screen and choosing Orders.

seller ap 1


This will bring up the screen where you can filter how your orders are viewed. Mine always comes up with this screen first (defaulting to Fulfilled by Seller and pending shipment).

Since I do not have anything fulfilled by seller it always show No Orders Found. You will have to click on the Filter button at the very bottom right of the screen to adjust.

seller app 2


Just fill in the button for what you would like to view (I usually do Fulfilled by Amazon and Status Pending which is just below Shipped) and hit Done.

seller ap 3


You can see now that I have 17 orders that come up from the past 3 days. You can change the default of 3 days to just today. etc. if you would like.

seller app 4


From your Smart Phone

It is great to be able to see which items are being ordered right from your smart phone.

I check it all of the time and it has even helped me decide, on the fly, to purchase more of a particular item while I am already out and shopping.

There are many other great features that the Amazon Seller App has to offer and I will be sharing more of them in future posts.

Have you downloaded this app yet? Are you using any other apps to aid in your selling on Amazon?

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