How To Protect Your Blog – Copyrights

Awhile back I posted about Creative Commons. Which gives permission for people to use your content without permission (with attribution).

What if you do not want anyone using your work? How can you protect your work on the world wide web when stealing a post is as easy as copying and pasting?

It can be virtually impossible to fully protect your work once it is on the internet but there are a few precautions you can take.

  1. Write original content. If you write your own content it will be harder from others to steal from you. When you write you have your own distinct voice and style which is very hard to rewrite. Take a look at this blog for example. Our contributors write their own work. If I was to take their ideas and post them in another blog it would be fairly obvious (if you were familiar with my work) I did not write them. 
  2. My Free Copyright. My Free Copyright is a free service which provides you with free protection. It protects your blog by capturing a digital fingerprint of the post and sending you a copy of the print (a series of numbers and letters). If you post their logo on your site they will even email you as soon as they detect any copying. My Free Copyright is not a legal service and they do not provide legal advice but it is a good starting point in protection.
  3. Copyscape. Copyscape scans a website and  determines if it has copied material elsewhere on the web. You can also pay for the premium checker (starting at 5 cents) and receive a much more in depth search. The premium version will also check offline content which means it is perfect for guest posters. If you are unsure if someones work is original than you can check it before placing it on your website or blog and potentially ruining your reputation – or worse.
  4. plagium. plagium is very similar to the the offline content checker of Copyscape. You insert the content you want to check into their search box (up to 25,000 characters) and you can scan by the web, news or social media. The program is free to use though donations are welcome.

One last note about copyrights. Everything you create is automatically copyrighted to you. I cannot steal a piece of artwork you created or a blog post you wrote and claim it as my own because you did not have the copyright symbol next to it. When using photos and ideas from others make sure you give credit to its creator.

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