How to Promote Your Business by Teaming up with Bloggers

How to Promote Your Business by Teaming up with Bloggers – Promoting your business with the help of an established blogger can be a great way to get affordable and meaningful advertising when you need it.


How to Promote Your Business by Teaming up with Bloggers


Product Reviews

Many bloggers are happy to team up with businesses to help promote their business or a specific product on their site.

They will often do so in exchange for free product or for an affordable fee.

Make sure you look for bloggers that are writing and reviewing in areas that you would want your business to be promoted in, and that they have an audience that would be interested in what you have to offer.

Feel free to request sample reviews, fee information (if any), reader/followers statistics, etc. from the bloggers you are interested in teaming up with and they should be more than happy to provide that information.


Sponsored Post

If you are not interested in having a product reviewed, for whatever reason, you can also seek out bloggers to write a sponsored post for you.  You may also be able to exchange product for this service or pay an affordable fee.

Check out a blogger’s public relations page or email them to get more information about working together for a sponsored post.

Again, make sure you find a blogger who is already writing about topics that your business coincides with.



Most established blogs have advertisement spots on their homepage.

You may find paid spots that you can set up and will be seen by all who visit their site. (but you may be able to barter for free product instead)

This will drive a lot of traffic to your business page.


Tips for working with Bloggers

Ask about their friends.

If you want to promote yourself with a bang, reach out to several bloggers to help you do that.

When you find a Blog you like?

Chances are that they have friends blogging about the same topics and will be happy to share sponsored opportunities.

Be specific and open to suggestion.

If you have certain items you would like to promote then make sure you get that across clearly.

Also, if you are not sure what will go over best with that blogger’s following?

Then give a few ideas to the blogger and let them help you decide what will work best.

This is How to Promote Your Business by Teaming up with Bloggers.

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