How to keep your RV safe and protected on the road

If you’re the proud owner of an RV or trailer, you’ll know that there’s very little that compares to the exhilaration of the open road and visiting places you’ve always dreamed of but then reality sinks in and you know you must learn How to keep your RV safe and protected on the road.

All with your favourite home comforts well within your reach too!

Fresh air, complete freedom, plenty of room for friends and family, and the opportunity to make memories every step of the way.

Many RV aficionados wouldn’t have it any other way

How to keep your RV safe

However, despite the independence and excitement that comes with travelling by RV, enthusiasts should also exercise caution.

Driving something as large and often as luxurious as an RV can attract all kinds of trouble, and not just from opportunistic thieves and criminals, but also from the weather, freak accidents and of course, other motorists!

Having a strong insurance policy from British Columbia RV insurance in place will certainly give you peace of mind and provide you with the financial protection you need, whether you’re in a secure trailer park or halfway across the country enjoying your vacation.

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But, how else can motorists keep their trailers and recreational vehicles safe?

Read on for how you can keep your RV safe and protected on the road.

Research your route and your campgrounds

If you have plans to visit a particular campground for a few days, or you’re just seeing where the road takes you, always conduct a little research before you pitch up for the night.

Reviews are your friend here, so search online for the latest opinions of happy or disgruntled guests.

Research the security measures on-site, the facilities and if anyone has experienced anything particularly concerning.

If in doubt – stay elsewhere.

Well-lit areas will keep you safe

Keeping your RV visible means parking in well-lit areas and avoiding those dark places where thieves and criminals can move around without being spotted.

Whether you’re taking a break from driving and need to pull over, or you’re looking for a campground to settle down in, the busier the site the better and always avoid those dark, gloomy areas of the site.

Fire safety

A fire breaking out in your RV is the stuff of nightmares.

Fire spreads incredibly quickly in an RV, so make sure everyone is familiar with the escape routes and the fire safety instructions of the site you’re visiting.

You should also have numerous fire extinguishers within the RV.

It’s often faulty wiring and components that cause fires in RVs so before you travel, have them all checked as an additional safety precaution.

Make your RV look occupied

Whether you’re going for a walk, or you’re having a meal in a local restaurant, leaving your RV unoccupied for a time can make it a target for thieves.

Consider leaving your radio on, TV or lights on to make it look like there’s somebody home.

Final thoughts…

Make sure your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons and follow the RV security and safety tips above.

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