How To Find The Email Address Of A Company

emailaddressIf you are like me, you are always contacting companies and trying to make connections.  Email is my preferred method of contacting companies.  I like having a written copy in my sent folder of my message and the fact I can search for it if needed.  Nothing is more frustrating than being forced to fill out a contact form on a website.

There is a cheat to see what the email address of a company is.

You need to look beyond the website and into the HTML source code.

To see the code of any website you just need to follow a few simple steps depending on your internet browser.

First, make sure you are on the page you want to see the code of.  For example if you wanted to find Clarity Marketing & Designs email address you would go to their contact page.

Google Chrome – Press Ctrl + U

Internet Explorer – When the browser is open click ‘view’.  From the drop-down menu choose ‘Source’.

Firefox and Netscape – Open the browser and click ‘view’.  From the drop-down menu choose ‘Page Source’.

Once you can see the code you can search for the email address.  The easiest way to search is to use the ‘find’ feature of your browser.  Search for the term ‘mailto’.  Next to the term you will see an email address.

mailto code to find email address

Note:  This cheat will not work on every website., pub-8596903668708912, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0