How To Be A Twitter Rockstar!

How to be a Twitter Rockstar!

Twitter can be an amazing traffic source for your blog if used properly!

Did you know the best and most influential Twitter rockstar (Best Users) tweet about every 30 minutes?

I know you just had huge eye roll!

You are thinking there is no way you can accomplish that! I agree 100% with you, but you do need to focus on becoming a consistent source of information on Twitter to gain a following.


Your tweets have a very short lifespan! It is estimated to be around 18 minutes and maybe little longer if you receive retweets.


How to Be a Twitter Rockstar?

Set Goals

Tweeting every 30 minutes is not feasible for most of us, but we can all aim to increase our tweets.

You need take the time to look at your analytics.

How many times did you tweet last month?

Divide that up by the number of days and then try to add 2 or 3 more tweets per day.

Then make checking your analytics a regular activity.

Once you start watching analytics, you will start to see a pattern about what works and what doesn’t.


How often should you check Twitter?

This is going to be centered with your goals.

If you want to grow rapidly, you need to check more often.

You do not need to spend hours each time you login.

Expect to accomplish everything in under 15 minutes. I usually check Twitter at breakfast, lunch, dinner and right before bed.

By doing this, I have spread my Twitter hour over 4 different 15 minute sections.


Should you schedule tweets?

You should keep scheduled tweets to a minimum.

Why? Simple… Twitter needs to be a conversation!

While scheduling will help to announce a new blog post, or to tweet in different time zones, you still want to keep at least 50% of all tweets fresh and trending.


What works on Twitter?

  • Humor– People engage with humor, but avoid being touchy topics.
  • Hashtags– Only use 1-2 hashtags per tweet! More than that will decrease retweets quite a bit.
  • Trending– This is what most users are interested in right now (a.k.a the conversation).
  • Don’t Be Spammy– You want to space out tweets. There is nothing worse than scrolling through news feed and someone just tweeted 20 things. That will lose followers fast!
  • Retweet– You do not want to share just your stuff. Make some twitter ‘friends’ that you regular share each other tweets.
  • Reply to tweets– This is similar to comment and the best way to start a conversation!

So How Can You Be a Twitter Rockstar?

Set Goals, Login More, Tweet More, and Be Conversational! 

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How to be a Twitter Rockstar!


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