How Do You Sign Your Emails?


How Do You Sign Your Emails?

You might be used to signing emails with just your name.

Or maybe you have a favorite quote that is automatically included at the end of every email.

While these are appropriate for personal correspondence, it’s good to rethink your email signature for professional contacts.

In most standard business email signatures, you’ll find the same basic information: name, job title, company name, website, phone number and email.

If you’re a work-from-home type, some of these can be omitted and replaced with social media links.

It’s best to keep it at seven lines or less, and avoid the urge to use big fancy fonts and rainbow colors.


Plain black text is both professional and easy on the eyes

What if you’ve got a lot of information you feel is vital to share, and it won’t fit on less than seven lines?

Consider using “pipes” to separate bits of information.

A “pipe” is a small vertical line, usually found on your keyboard right above the “Enter” key.

An example of how you can use a pipe to combine two pieces of information on one line is shown below:

John Doe, President
The Greatest Company in the World |  [email protected]
Phone: 555-555-5000 | Fax: 555-555-5001

Be sure to write out the URL’s of your sites instead of hyperlinking your text.

Not everyone’s email program may read them correctly.

For example, go ahead and type out instead of typing “Visit My Website,” with the word “website” being clickable.

Most email signatures do not include mailing addresses; if needed, this information can always be shared with a client later.

Include links to only your most important social media accounts.

People are not going to want to visit you on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and Bloglovin… get the picture!

Once you’ve gotten your signature composed, nearly every email program allows you to save it and then opt to have the signature included automatically at the end of every outgoing message.

However, there might be times when you’ll want to delete it from your messages.

The first time you reach out to someone, your full business signature is going to be very helpful.

Five replies later, it’s going to be overkill.

After you’ve established a good rapport, shorten your signature to just your name and website.

Or simply sign your name.

This gives your message a more personal feel and will help to establish good vibes between you and your client.

And don’t forget that if you use the same email address for both business and pleasure, there’s no need to use your professional signature when writing to your grandma.

It will seem cold and impersonal, and she just might think you’re getting too big for your britches!


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