#HASHCORE Plugin Review

#HASHCORE Plugin Review

I am a social media junkie and over the past few months have really gotten into Twitter. When #HASHCORE contacted us to do a review of their plugin I jumped at the chance.

What is #HASHCORE 

#HASHCORE  is a wordpress plugin which turns hashtags into interactive content on your website/blog. To see #HASHCORE in action check out the video below.


How would I use #HASHCORE on my blog?

Anyone who uses a custom hashtag or has an active twitter following should utilize this plugin. Here are some of my ideas on how to incorporate #HASHCORE on your blog.

  • Twitter Parties. If you host twitter parties what a better way to showcase all the amazing information shared during the party then with a recap post. You can post the top ten tips from the party. If your reader couldn’t make the party they can catch up on everything they missed by clicking on your hashtag.
  •  TV Shows. If you are reality show obsessed *guilty* pump up your recap posts with your very own hashtag. Tweet during the show and connect the hashtag to your post. Not only will you be engaging your readers when you tweet you can continue the engagement after the show is over.

What I think #HASHCORE can improve on.

I really like the plugin. It is very simple to use. However,  feel there can be a few places where the plugin can be improved.

  • Size. When you click on a hashtag the white box that pops up covers all of the content your wrote.  I would love if there was an option to resize the box.
  • Appearance.  The visual difference between an embedded link and a #HASHCORE hastag is non-existent.  I would love if they implemented a hoover feature or some other way to increase the clickability of the hashtag.

How do I install #HASHCORE?

Step 1 – In the plugin section of your wordpress dashboard search for #HASHCORE

hashcore add plugin

Step 2 – Click install now and accept the download.

accept plugin install hashcore

Step 3 – Click on Activate the plugin.

Step 4 – Go to the Settings section of your dashboard. Click on Hashcore Setting. Fill out the information and you are done.

hashcore settings complete

I want to know your thoughts. How can you use the #HASHCORE plugin?


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