Ghost Drops Launches Crypto Drops to Take Cannabis into the Digital World

Exciting times are ahead for the cannabis industry, and leading brand Ghost Drops Launches Crypto Drops to Take Cannabis into the Digital World, revolutionizing the way people think about cultivating cannabis with its exciting new platform:

Ghost Drops Launches Crypto Drops to Take Cannabis into the Digital World

Crypto Drops

Together with its banking partner, QNTMPAY, Ghost Drops has revealed Crypto Drops as a non-fungible token (NFT) platform, oriented entirely around cannabis.

All eyes are on Ghost Drops right now, as this pioneering brand gets ready to launch the world’s first-ever cannabis-centric marketplace for NFTs.

The Crypto Drops platform launch will be divided into two phases.

The first phase will be focused on converting Ghost Drops’ own legacy strain art into one-of-a-kind NFTs. The company knows that its colorful, cartoonish legacy strain art was a big hit with consumers in the past and still remains an important part of the brand’s image and story.

Thanks to Crypto Drops, cannabis fans and Ghost Drops lovers will be able to own their own part of this incredible art in the digital world, as it begins to be phased out of usage in real-world products and packaging.

Gene Bernaudo, CEO of Ghost Drops

Gene is really excited about the idea, saying,

“I love that our original fans have this opportunity to own a piece of the Ghost Drops legacy with our strain art. This way, the history of the Ghost can live on with the fans who helped us get here.”

So what about the second phase of the launch?

Well, this is where things get even more exciting, as Ghost Drops will launch a virtual gaming haven where cannabis fans and gaming enthusiasts alike can come together to become digital cannabis traders.

It’s a bold and revolutionary move, helping to bridge that gap between cannabis growers, collectors, and the gaming community too.

There’s also been a big link between gaming and cannabis communities, and Crypto Drops is set to honor that legacy by creating this fun-filled, gamified platform.

In this unique digital space, users will be able to own their own virtual cannabis farms, owning digital breeder packs of rare cannabis seeds that they can buy and sell with one another.

They can also choose to plant and grow the seeds, or even play around with cross-breeding different strains to create their own unique varieties.

Ghost Drops is Huge in Canada

Ghost Drops has always been one of the biggest names in the Canadian cannabis market, ever since it launched.

But this new move is set to take the brand to a whole new level, incorporating banking, NFTs, and cryptocurrency to expand its industry influence exponentially in exciting new directions.

The brand knew it needed a solid banking partner to help with this endeavor, so it decided to work with fintech pioneers: QNTMPAY.

QNTMPAY is a leading, highly-rated digital bank, making it a perfect choice as a partner for Ghost Drops in their Crypto Drops platform creation and launch.

The company has developed a state-of-the-art security system and customized banking service.

Thanks to this, Crypto Drops users will be able to take part in the cannabis NFT trend with confidence, convenience, and ease.

It’ll be just like making a regular purchase at an online store, because QNTMPAY allows its users to use multiple payment methods, like debit and credit cards, rather than restricting them to cryptocurrencies like so many other NFT platforms.

QNTMPAY’s founder, Adam Pearsall, has announced special “Ghost Mastercards” that will allow users to earn additional “Ghost Cash” as part of the platform’s loyalty program.

Consumers will rack up points every time they make a purchase and can then redeem those points whenever they make use of QNTMPAY for future transactions.

Pearsall also reassured existing customers that their old Ghost Dots can be converted into Ghost Cash, too, so loyal users won’t miss out.

“Crypto Drops is going to transform the cannabis space, both in a cultural sense and also with how money changes hands,” explained Pearsall, “QNTMPAY is excited to be a part of this venture, as we bring our cutting-edge banking technology to this game-changing partnership.”

We’re looking forward to the launch of Crypto Drops and excited to see even more thrilling innovations from Ghost Drops in the years to come.

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