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FREE Make your own WordPress Website From Scratch eBook

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Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business 51JN0vxV8-L._SX368_BO1204203200_ FREE Make your own Wordpress Website From Scratch eBook Free eBooks    Have been thinking about building your own website? If so, you can download this handy Make your own WordPress Website From Scratch eBook for FREE!

WordPress has demolished the barrier of entry for building websites, anyone (including beginners) with an Internet connection and some basic instructions can create a live website in a matter of minutes. Brand Architect and Website designer expert Katya Boudjelloud walks you through the process of creating a wonderful website of your own, using the power and flexibility of WordPress.

Follow the 7 proven steps for making your own website from scratch

  • Step 1: Finding a web-hosting provider
  • Step 2: Registering a Domain Name
  • Step 3: Planning your Website
  • Step 4: Installing WordPress and building your website page by page
  • Step 5: Publishing your website
  • Step 6: Promoting your website, getting the word out and bring traffic using SEO and Social Medias
  • Step 7: Maintaining your website
  • and much more

As a token of appreciation, every reader gets the opportunity to download the lite version of my next book: How to use Social Media and promote your website for free.

This book takes you further; learn techniques to build traffic to your site and earn money

Inside youíll learn how to get the word out, how to bring traffic to your website, build a consistent and loyal audience that keeps coming back.

You will also learn about selling product and services through your site using ecommerce plugins, accepting payments and how to set up PayPal and merchants accounts.

This book also includes a comprehensive Resources section.

Imagine making your own website and being online in a couple of days or less!

If you are either an aspiring Internet entrepreneur or an individual who wants to establish a presence on line, this book will get you there in no time. This visual guide covers the essentials of WordPress and its basic functions.

The content of this book is written in a simplified and non-geeky style that beginners can understand and implement immediately. The steps described inside will able you to Make Your Own WordPress Website from Scratch.

The goal of this book is to guide you through each step and is filled with tons of screenshots to support you through the process.

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