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FREE CASA Marketing: Intro to Social Media Marketing eBook

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Check out this handy CASA Marketing: Intro to Social Media Marketing eBook for FREE! This is a great way to learn about social media and how to sue it to further your business.

Digital marketing is a top skill for getting hired. Learn social media marketing from friendly top-rated expert Dr. Todd Kelsey, PhD. Easy to understand, conversational language, including mention of certification, which is proven to impress recruiters.

This book is part of the CASA series:
(A)Adwords/Search Engine Marketing
(S)Social Media Marketing

CASA is a focused, integrated approach that has helped learners be competitive in getting interviews and seeking work.

The goal of the CASA series is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible to explore digital marketing topics, and to focus on getting maximum return on investment. The style of writing is conversational, with a focus on fun, wherever possible.

Book Overview: An easy to understand introduction to the most important aspects of social media marketing, including Facebook pages, Facebook ads, working with Twitter and Linkedin, and special coverage of social media monitoring. There’s also an introduction to Hootsuite, a time-saving tool for managing social media.

What this book is not: in-depth, comprehensive, or trying to cover every tool or platform (an impossible task).

What this book is: easy to understand introduction to the most important tools and skills in social media marketing.

Each chapter goes beyond the tool itself, discussing helpful resources and important issues to keep in mind, to help you hit the ground running. There’s also a particular focus on ROI (return on investment), to help you think critically about the value social media could bring a business or organization, and exploring the question of whether or not it’s worth it to invest time and money in each social media channel.

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