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FREE Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs eBook

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If you have questions about affiliate marketing, check out this quick and easy to read FREE Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs eBook on Amazon! This is a great starting tool to help answer all the basic FAQs about affiliate marketing that you may have.

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION! There seems to be much confusion in the reviews, people thinking this book teaches affiliate marketing and upon finding out that it doesn’t, giving bad reviews. It’s a short, free ebook. It does NOT teach the whole process. That is impossible to do in a book like this. It is an FAQ. It answers basic questions about what affiliate marketing IS and what it involves. It answers the following questions along with many more:

* What is affiliate marketing?
* Is it a legitimate way to make money online?
* What does it involve?
* How much does it cost to get started?
* How much money can you make?

Get yourself armed with the FAQs!

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