Feburary 2015 Income Report – Report 2

February 2015 Blog Income Report

We started posting our income reports last month – January 2015. The purpose of these reports is to inspire you to obtain success with your blog.

We do not post dollar amounts. Instead, we like to show gains and losses as percentages. The dollar amount is irrelevant as some are thrilled to make $100 a year and others want to blog to be a full time income.

About TOTS: TOTS is a multi-collaborative blog which means we have 25 contributors who write articles between Thinking Outside The Sandbox and Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family each month. Because we pay our contributor our expenses are also much higher than most blogs.

Feburary 2015

Income difference last year (same month) – 3018.78% increase

Income difference last month – 11.44%

Income Breakdown

Our income numbers are based on committed funds for the month. For example, we may write and post sponsored content for an Ad Network. The Ad Network may pay Net 90 – meaning they pay 90 days after the post due date. To make it easier, we include money as income when committed and not received.

Advertising Revenue – 48.96% of income
Income from our Ad Network partners included social media and sponsored posts.

Affiliate Revenue – 1.35%
Income from affiliate networks.

Sponsored Content (Self-Sourced) – 49.68%
Income from sponsored posts not affiliated with an Ad Network.

Revenue RPM – $38.68
Revenue per thousand impressions

RPM difference over last month – 25.99%


Total Expenses – 101.20% of income received.

Payroll – 30.67% of total expenses

Other expenses include one off VA (virtual assistance) services. Expenses are higher this month because we are launching two new products: How To Start A Mom Blog and Sandbox To Success Podcast. Equipment, book cover designer etc are part of the February expenses.

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In February, we continued our upswing of sponsored content. Our expenses were much higher than the previous month because of additional projects we are working on.

I believe one of the reasons why our sponsored content has increased is because we have worked on our media page at the end of January to beginning of February. It is now easier for companies to work with us.

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