Elefun Kids Fashion: Where Fashion Meets Fun.

Elefun Kids Fashion: Where Fashion Meets Fun.

Looking to break your kids from the cookie-cutter clothes mold? Look no further than Elefun Kids Fashion.

While new to the fashion game, Elefun has already enjoyed success dressing kids across Canada and the United States since October in outfits that introduce children to the beauties of nature and art.

Launched by creator Amber Wang in October, the Coquitlam-based company was created with the objective of helping young families to create beautiful memories as their children grow.

The clothes she designs allow kids ranging from toddlers to five and six-year-olds to be comfortable and cute without the fear three or four friends all having the same mass-produced and mass-marketed outfit, Wang said.

“You would not see other people’s kids wear the same thing as your’s,” Wang said. “We keep our (clothes) simple. Clothing is like art, simple is more. You want to hear your kids looks cute and beautiful not the cloth looks beautiful. Some busy patterned clothes looks beautiful on its own, but they do not look good when you put it on your kids. Like Apple computers, Elefun is simple but classic and always in trend.”

Wang has used her fine arts and photography background to good use with her business taking all the product and modelling shots herself.

She’s also kept the business in the family by having the clothes designed and manufactured through her cousin Fay.

But there were a lot of steps to take long before the manufacturing stage. She conducted market research with friends and strangers on the Internet.

“I started talking to her girlfriends who have babies and little children to ask them what are the things they are concerned about when they shop for clothing for their little ones,” she said. “The conclusion was comfortable material. They especially love stretchy materials. Bigger size are also important since their kids always grow faster than they expect.”



While the business is her passion, Wang especially enjoys the interactive aspects of her business, seeing and dealing with customers in her own special way.

Elefun combines kids fashion with family events.

“Moms with little kids always meet with other moms for playtimes,” she said. “Elefun tries to make more fun for families, when kids play together moms can shop. Elefun Kids Fashion wants to invite moms who like the clothes to host house shopping parties. This allow moms to invite their mommy friends to come over to their place to have some coffee and shop for beautiful clothes for their kids. Elefun Kids offers special incentives for this shopping with your friends’ event.”

The parties allow people to see and touch the clothes to gain a better appreciation of the fabrics and comfortable clothes your kids could be wearing, she said.

Because she doesn’t yet have a storefront, the parties are the next best thing bring the clothes to the community rather than looking online.

“Elefun Kids will open a storefront when it gets enough local inquiries and fans,” she said. “It all comes to the cost.”

So for now, Elefun is online as well.

“To provide an online store give mom the opportunity to shop at their convenience,” she said. “And the house parties allow moms to get together and shop with their friends.”

The pride Wang has in her business is evident when you talk with her. She loves getting feedback from her customers.

“The biggest success so far is to hear that people like Elefun Kids clothes,” she said. They think the clothes are very cute and different. Elefun Kids clothes look so good in photos.”

To that end, one of Wang’s short-term goals is to launch an album: kids of the month that featuring a selected group of kids photos with Elefun clothes. Elefun Kids Fashion does not use professional models. Wang only invites everyday real life looking kids to model our clothes.

She also wants to hold more clothes parties and get involved with local communities to get to know more families.

Make sure to follow Elefun on Instagram.

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